Thursday, 31 January 2013


If  Kim Kardashian believes Kris Humphries would go away without causing more dramas for her, she is wrong. Come to think of this...Where will all these lead this estranged couple to? The case and counter court case about them is amazing. 

Kim has offered the guy millions of dollars to let her marry 'Kanye' in bliss.  Instead, the sports guy has told us that this is not about money. If it is not money, what is it? Maybe revenge or an award would be given if he wins the case.

'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' is going to be an evidence that Kris have decided to use against Kim. Interesting piece of news.
 "Kris' case will be very simple and straightforward. He believes the key to proving that the marriage was fraudulent lies in the production and filming of the Kardashian reality shows...Then, he claims, a short time later, Kim began to bombard him with text messages and phone calls ordering him to come back to New York and be with her because filming was about to start. Kris says he couldn’t believe it."

Does this mean that the marriage was solely for business sake? This may be the reason why Kris is raising hell on making sure that Kim pays. But she has offered him $10,000,000.00.   She has even agreed to pay his legal expenses. Is this a case of a nagging or an angry ex-husband?

What would this baby of Kim and Kanye become in future? Kanye has banned the baby from being a musician. And now, the couple has equally banned this baby from joining the mum in the TV show. Hmm...I am waiting for the next ban. They should pray hard that the child would not decide to be a priest...Lolz

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