Thursday, 31 January 2013


I can add a 'prophet' to many names as a gossip lady. Did I not warn Mario Balotelli from making more buzz in Italy? Hmm...Riot broke out after his party with fans. Of course, beautiful ladies were in attendance.

 Welcome Balotelli to Italy. Your first night has shown you are going to provide me with news to gossip. Lolz.

Aww!!! The fans crushed with police with rocks and bottles as police battled them. While this was going on, Balotelli was not moved as he enjoyed his fried fish and pasta.

And Balotelli was equally mobbed  at the restaurant. You have not seen anything,guy.
Galliani, AC Milan chief said  "It is a dream come true and something that we all wanted, with the president Silvio Berlusconi at the forefront. With the arrival of Mario, we have strengthened our team a lot.We have worked so hard and Mario has been in our hearts for a long time and finally we have succeeded in signing him.”

Indeed, it is a dream come true.

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