Thursday, 31 January 2013


Oprah Winfrey will never forget her 59th birthday. Hmm...Tyler Perry, you should have realized our legend is a lady. That flower arrangement was expensive and beauty that can only be for someone like Oprah.

Well, Perry that special flower strain our lady's back when she tried lifting it. You are the man Perry for picking one of the best flowers in the world for her. However, she could not enjoy it. Instead of this gesture becoming a secret affair, it has become news because it caused havoc...Lolz.

 "In bed with an ice pack most of today. Moved a bushel of roses sent by Tyler Perry and sprained a back muscle." Winfrey explains. Sorry lady. Gentleman Perry has apologized.
For those who believe that celebrities do not spend time on their own social media account, we have been proven wrong by Oprah. When she was checking her Twitter, she was a horrible comment. This would teach a lot of us (gossip writers) a good lesson. 

 "Old as hell" was what she saw on her Twitter. This was what Oprah would not take...

"Old as Hell? Really," Winfrey asked the person. Correct!!! Why should this comment be written to Oprah?  Freedom of speech.
I should be careful with what I say on Twitter now...Because celebrities read their walls now.

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