Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Now, Mario Balotelli had peacefully left England where he was labelled a troublesome boy. I like him because he does not care when it comes to his right.  Well, England can now rest with his exit to AC Milan. Sometimes, we are not aware that the little dramas from some ' special individuals' makes life sweeter.

Hmm...The guy was a case in England. I am going to miss him because I may not have much to gossip about him over there. I miss you Mario...Lolz.

Balotelli has performed a lot of stunts in his club; he had initially threatened to take his club to a tribunal over a disciplinary fine of two weeks’ wages but dumped the case. Then, he had a confrontation with ‘he who must be obeyed’, Mancini. And the coach has confessed he would be missed...Really?

If i may ask, was Tabby Brown his ex-friend one of the reasons for leaving England? Well, the  gorgeous Playboy , Tabby Brown model  ran away from him to meet a singer, Trey Songz.there more gorgeous ladies over there Mario...If you know what i mean.

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