Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Right now I do not care if Jim Iyke would call me a witch. This is one Nigerian celebrity that I have provoked me to gossip today... He has called two of my sister witches on his mini blogging Twitter account. Why should he use this ugly words on these two ladies?
 Listen to a popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji's comment on him. This comment actually began what is now 'Twitter Word War'
‘Every time I write about this dude he comes after me on Twitter, but I must do my job na…lol. Nice body’ she wrote.
 And then Jimmy fires with anger..'It's m handle and my space. I do wit it wtf I pls. If dat hermophrodite witch LINDA n her lame employees dt like it then hug a transformer!'
He actually called her a witch too. I don't like that. Linda should have realize that it would cause problem.
 My happiness is that he met his match on Twitter Word War with a fan. Fan again? Well, the Word War is now with one of his female Twitter followers. The concerned lady has lashed at him for his outburst with Linda Ikeji.
'U used to be my favourite childhood actor but now i hv no respect for u. You lay out ur insecurity for the world to see.' The lady told him.

 'I admit u got a huge mouth for an exceedingly ugly little witch'

 You see the word ' Witch' has taken over his vocabulary

'my advice to u...retire! Spend time planting cassava in your village or do something resourceful. Stop being a damned fool.' The girl fired. I do not like this. I am angry about this...I am ready to explode. But who would i lay my angry venom...of course, not Jim Iyke

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