Monday, 4 February 2013


There are lots of places to spend one's birthday...Definitely not with a stripper. Harry Styles did not have anything to do with this.Hmm...This stripper came as Harry's 19th birthday present who dressed like a policeman from DJ Nick Grimshaw, his friend. A big prank on brother Harry. Sorry.

Well the happy birthday that should close has become open with this prank. Did you enjoy the show, Harry?

“(Grimshaw) started telling everyone to be quiet but I could see the cake in the kitchen and the candles weren’t lit, so I was like, ‘What’s going on?’,   Styles told The Sun. ""We have to knuckle down and work hard, make sure we get everything ready so it’s a good show. I want to focus on that, not chasing girls," he said.

Hmm...No chasing of girls.

He broke up with Taylor Swift and life has become scandalous. Lolz. The estrangled couple are fighting themselves with their songs. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor  is a song that would tell Harry he is not going to get a second chance. And with this stripper's news, he is a goner. Well, anything is possible.

And then Harry's latest song  “I Knew You Were Trouble”  is what he wants Taylor to know. i wonder who is trouble now

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