Saturday, 18 January 2014

Call Me A Gay If You Want, It Only Makes Me More Famous-Benson Okonkwo

Benson Okonkwo caused a stir when he featured as gay in Nollywood’s first soft porn gay movie , Pregnant Hawker, he was backlash and dubbed a gay by his critics, and some of his fans ran from him especially the ladies, the drama around was much, he confessed he was ten when he was defiled by 35 years old neighbor, a haunting experience that still stares at him in his darkest hours, there was  the fake story of him proposing to Emelda Emells who he have been dating for over 8 years, only for Emelda to deny the story. He is grateful for all these dramas because they made him very famous.
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benson 2Benson said “You know one thing with Nigerians, when you play a role and play it well that’s what you are.  I have done three gay movies, and I starred in a gay movie titled ‘One dollar’, I incurred the wrath of many movie fans. At the time, my critics were asking questions about my sexuality in real life.Unperturbed by the outrage, I also appeared in another gay movie ‘Pregnant Hawker’ and ‘The Strippers.’
Although these movies sparked off controversy about Benson’s sexuality, He makes bold to say that Nigerians are hypocrites. They secretly enjoy watching porn movies, yet when they see Nigerian movies that contain suggestive scenes, they secretly watch them online and then drop anonymous comments. He said he is only acting and doing his job.
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He debunked the claim he is a homosexual, “Although I have acted as a homosexual three times, I am afraid of being tagged a stereotyped actor. Despite the fact that the gay controversy has brought me fame, I want people to remember that I have not starred in only gay or adult films. Contrary to what some persons think, I have never been sexually harassed by homosexuals. I am not a homosexual.


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