Sunday, 19 January 2014

Comedinne Princess- I Was Never Desperate To Get Married Because Of My Age

Accusing fingers have being pointed at Nigeria’s popular comedienne, Oluwadamilola Adekoya, a.k.a Princess for breaking up her marriage, it was shocking though, we have been hearing rumours that their problem began two weeks after marriage, it was reported that Princess was desperate to get married because age was no longer her friend and coupled with the fact that Adeshola Jeremiah wanted her money instead of love, we were at loss on what to believe until Princess spoke again, after blaming the bloggers for destroying her happiness.

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She is not ready to divulge why they broke up.  They are irreconcilable differences, “ I stated it then that we stayed together because we were trying to work it out.  My family and the other family tried their best but we couldn’t resolve it…  It started immediately after the marriage.  We both tried to make it work.  Both families tried but unfortunately, it didn’t work out.  I believe that is the way God wanted it.  I don’t want anybody to call me on phone and try to be crying with me.

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People can say anything about her being desperate to get married to Adeshola, it doesn’t matter, she said . “I am a celebrity, the other person is not a celebrity, so what do you expect?  Any person can sit down and start writing what you just told me without even knowing me. If Kanye West was dating a non-celebrity and not Kim Kardashian, they will say the same thing.”
Talking about her age and marriage “You no know my age?  Do you know how many men I meet a day or a year?  Do you know how many countries I travel to?  I don’t need to respond to that…The person I married was not the first person to ask or propose to me.”

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