Monday, 27 January 2014

The Grammy could have come and go without dramas with Beyonce and Jay-Z  opening act for the Grammy Awards 2014, during their stunning performance, of "Drunk in Love," then Beyonce  suffered the first wardrobe malfunction of the night and it was a big one when her  left nipple decided to come out from her tight black bra and say hello,  Twitter went crazy, as it usually does at pop culture events such as this, and the legend of the Beyonce nip slip was born.

Grammy Winners. Femi Lost, Daft Punk Leads With Five Awards

At one point the Queen was showing more of herself than she had originally intended when she chose to wear a black leotard and fishnets on the Staples Center Stage,  rocking out so hard that while her fabulous body was highlighted by blue strobes as she was navigating a ice cream parlor chair, one of her nipples came out from inside her wardrobe to be on show for public consumption.

Will Stedman Graham  Still Propose To Oprah Winfrey ?

However, the ever prepared high profile personality was wearing covers on those parts of her breasts so technically she didn't suffer a nip slip but rather a nip cover slip.beyonce nip slip

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