Sunday, 19 January 2014

Inspiring African Circumcised Women To Live Above Their Trauma: Linda Ikeji Story

We know there are millions of untold stories of females who are circumcised in different parts of Africa, some of these ladies live the rest of their lives in everlasting emotional trauma when it comes to their sexual lives, even though the government of some of these countries where this barbaric female genital mutilation happens are trying to cut down this practice, it still happens daily even in some developed countries. We have heard stories of women who have been able to live above their experience and become a beacon for hope for other victims, great women like Linda Ikeji, a famous blogger and owner of

“I was Circumcised. Me and all my five sisters. When I said this on my ‘Faking it’, post, people lauded my courage for openly admitting to being circumcised. Then I started wondering if it’s something to be ashamed of? I first heard about FGM in secondary school when some girls were discussing sex. I remember vividly a particular classmate saying circumcised girls don’t enjoy sex, circumcision means your ability to enjoy sex has been cut off. I reflected at that moment and remembered that someone, maybe my older sister, once told me we were all circumcised.
Over the years, I’ve heard people state a million and one reasons circumcision is wrong. They say: it’s barbaric, inhuman, etc…if this is true does it mean something inhuman happened to me? If it’s so wrong, why are some parents still letting this happen to their girls? The thought of never enjoying sex was so horrific to me that I went out of my way to discover the truth about circumcision. I asked around and one trusted older relation told me the theory was baseless as she was circumcised and enjoyed sex. I heaved a sigh of relief and never thought about it again.

I remember asking my mum why she circumcised us and she said circumcision was to stop girls from being promiscuous. When I really think of it, my mum didn’t particularly believe in it, but when you have a kid in the village, the family do what they think is necessary for/to the child. I think my mum didn’t have a say about the circumcision being done to all her girls, it was the norm then, so she must have just played along.”
Linda has grown past this trauma to be one of the best bloggers on planet earth. If you are a victim, you can speak out today.

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