Saturday, 18 January 2014

Maheeda- I Get Nude To Praise God

Maheeda has beaten Cossy Orjiakor to the nudity game, though Cossy who seems to missing from the scene said her mum told her not to go completely nude, not for Afrocandy who is asking fans to buy her porn movies, these are three Nigerian ladies who are ‘special’ in their own ways, shocking as this may sound, you not agree with Maheeda but she says she is using her nudity to praise God…She is achieving her dreams, getting nude for more attention.

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Maheeda who once worked as a prostitute before turning to be a gospel artiste and missing her faith when she went wayward, coming back as a gospel artiste and the circle begins again, said in a TV chat that she feels very comfortable being naked and said she sees nothing wrong in glorifying God in her birthday suit.

She can now go nude anywhere and anytime these days, the last time we checked she was shooting her movie and went like Lady Gaga, all nude in front the crowd, she said she may not go far like Afrocandy who does sex scenes but , saying being comfortable with nudity is not same thing as having sex for all to see.
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Maheeda doesn’t think God is angry whenever she poses nude “I see God differently from the way most people see God. I don’t think God gets angry with everything one does. I see him as a father.”

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