Saturday, 18 January 2014

OMG!!! Dencia Attacked By Former Osama Bin Laden’s Mistress , Kola Boof

We woke  yesterday to realize that controversial Sudanese-American, Kola Boof, whose real name is Naima Bint Harith,  has launched attack on innocent Dencia, whose whitening cream was launched few days back and every Christian in Nigeria…Calling on all the gay people to form militia groups and seek out the Christians and kill them all.  The drama queen  who chose to have a love affair with her rapist Osama Bin Laden, and claims she was repeatedly raped is not a stranger in the world of scandal and many troubles.
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kola boofKola  tweeted  “kill all African Christians”, specifying that gays should kill Christians in Nigeria because of the anti-gay law that has been passed and causing ripples around the world.  The Christians were not the only ones she found issues with, she took on Dencia who is dabbed as one of the hottest celebrities by MediaTakeOut because of her whitening cream, Whitelicious that is bleaching black ladies to be fair.
To Dencia, “Nigerian singer Dencia turned herself white and sells a product called Whitelicious to other Nigerians who want to be white…Like Jesus
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The mistake Dencia made was to respond to this tweet, “Dear Koof Delusional Boof, I’ll take you serious when you can buy a strong bra 2 hold yo saggy ass titties. I ain’t no Kimora “
And the twitter world war began, “Tell us Dencia…How doesit feel to be repulsed by the image of your own African mother? You nasty Nigerian Nigger bitch .And you are right …You are no Kimora…because at least she’s proud of her identity &not a fake like you. You think  it’s beautiful to reject your race…you are teaching Africans they have to be white to look good? Ur trash…”
Was she really raped by Osama?  A former Sudanese diplomat, Nadeen Quttub, defends Osama and about her rape issue with Osama “Kola Boof was with Bin Laden willingly and miscarried their child in May 1996…Kola Boof accepted marriage with Bin Laden, re-converted to Islam and was very happy with the terrorist, but is now trying to save her reputation in the west with fantastical stories of rape and imprisonment.”
She once said:
“…But I never loved Osama.What I did was survive Osama.  And being in the Arab world, I had only two choices—die or put out.  Why do I call him “Somi” if I wasn’t in love?  I call him that because until Americans told me his name was Osama Bin Laden—I had known him only as Somi.  He wasn’t famous when I knew him back in 1996; he was just another rich married gang-banging Arab who liked hunting in Dahkla and kidnapping and sleeping with starlets.”
I had to pretend to love Osama; to cater to his every whim.  But I never loved him.  I pitied him.  And because I am a highly intelligent woman; I recognized his genius; I was riveted by his quiet sensitivity (he was not a loud person; like me he was extremely thoughtful and methodical; a driven fellow Pisces)…  But I also experienced him as a rapist, a woman-beater and a mass murderer.  I never loved him.”

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