Monday, 20 January 2014

Queen Elizabeth hands over UK reigns to Prince Charles Preparing Him As England Next King

Prince Charles has swore to his mom, Queen Elizabeth that he is going to her  “liege man in life and limb” just like his dad Prince Philip, is being her back-up should she need him, however, age is turning fast against the Queen and she is gradually relinquish some of the traditional duties to Charles as she approaches her 88th birthday in April, this does not mean that Charles will be joining her to talk about the United Kingdom’s affair in her weekly briefings with David Cameron, the Prime Minster.

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Prince Charles will be managing more the  head of state-style responsibilities as United Kingdom prepares for his  eventual succession to the throne as King, his sons, Princes William and Harry will also play their part in the new set-up, with both assuming far more responsibility since they relinquished their military roles.
“While the Queen is still in excellent health, she is inevitably becoming a little more frail because of her age. Charles and Camilla will be doing much more of the public work on her behalf.”The source added: “The problem for Charles is, unlike with the Queen, some ministers could see fit to leak the contents of these meetings and suggest that the prince is becoming ‘too political’.

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“However that is not the case, he is within constitutional rights. His role as heir to the throne is today purely formal – although he maintains the right ‘to be consulted, to encourage and to warn’ Her Majesty’s ministers via regular audiences with the PM and the ministers themselves.”


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