Thursday, 6 February 2014

what ladies shouldn't do while dating

A lot of ladies make mistakes when they are in a relationship  especially those we took time in getting their man, these mistakes are noticed by friends and are not really something to continue with which is why anyone caught in these acts should stop doing the following.

 You Talk About His Problems Like They Are Yours
You get yourself stressed up over his problems…It is not that it is you that is in trouble but him and you are already using ‘We’, maybe two days into your relationship and you have taken his problems personal.

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You check with his plans before your own
You would not do something meaningful alone without thinking of his activities or plans especially when it comes to outing with friends.
You already have a strict date hours
Maybe, it is Saturday nights you have dates and you cannot shift it for anything, and you would want to get permission from your man before you can do another thing or even ask him to shift the date.

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Assume your boyfriend is invited
You were only invited for an event and you are showing up with your boyfriend…Who invited him? You just assumed that the both of you are one and can show up unannounced because ‘basically’ you feel married to him.
Friends never know your boyfriend will be there
It should have been girls outing and he is there with you. How will you girls gossip or talk about nagging problems that should have been taken care of by you ladies?
You now have a habit of sleeping over in his house
It has become a habit of going over to sleep in his house when you can easily get to your home after a night date…
You drag your friends to run errands for him
You may never know that your friends are not excited when you drag them to run errands for your boyfriend…He needs a toilet tissue and ten of you are jumping inside a mall.

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