Friday, 14 February 2014

I Do Not Womanize, I am Only Appreciate ladies- D.Cryme

Things that happened in Ghana doesn’t stay in Ghana any longer, the story of hiplife artiste, D.Cryme being a womanizer has travelled far and wide that the artiste wants to clear this misconception about him before ladies run from him.  However, he admits that the lovely attitude he exhibits towards ladies has  wrongly misconstrued to be the antics of him  womanizing.

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If there is anything he would want the public to spare him of, it is the perception that many people hold that he is  a womanizer. “I am never a womanizer and I don’t know what criteria such people use to measure me. It gets really interesting but the truth is that, I appreciate ladies a lot because they are God’s most expensive creation and they need to be adored so I only play my role by giving them all that love and attention” he told Showbiz
“Let me tell you, female fans are always the majority of the fans who will support you. They will give you all the encouragement when the going gets tougher and occasionally offer pieces of advice so it is only fair that you reciprocate these kind gestures. And this is where many people get it wrong.

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“When they read messages from your Facebook page, Instagram and other social sites, they just interpret such harmless messages like ‘ I love you’ according to their mischievous understanding. But the question is, how many ladies can I propose to on these sites without the others getting to know?” he asked.

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