Friday, 14 February 2014

Will Jim Iyke Propose To Nadia Buari On Valentine’s Day?

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari are on a road trip to a destination they will not reveal, with Valentine’s Day coming on tomorrow,  the couple may have planned a romantic getaway with friends…Will there be a romantic proposal to Nadia?   On Nadia’s birthday, Jim has travelled with her on a fun vacation to Spain, Madrid, Frankfurt, Zurich and Barcelona, where he spoilt her lavishly  and this is the season of love and we are wondering if this is a perfect time to pop the question…

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The couple has been giving us the cold shoulder when it comes to the details of their private lives, with little denials and dramas happening around them once in a while , the chemistry continues building up between them,  Jim may not take Nadia outside Africa but we are sure, she is going to enjoy a wonderful time tomorrow…
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If he can  move mountains to find a pink Limo for Nadia and make her his African queen in far away Europe during her birthday, what else can he give Nadia today?

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