Monday, 31 March 2014

Jibola Dabo- The Actor With Five Kids From Five Ladies

Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo doesn’t need introduction, his white moustache easily gives him away, he is one actor who strongly believes in polygamy, with five children from different mothers, he doesn’t see anything wrong with getting extra ladies in his home, his father married five women which is what he has not being able to replicate because he only have one wife, the reason why he got a lot of baby mamas is because he has been a traveler once upon when he toured France, UK and America  and other nations, with ladies warming his bed and reproducing babies for him.

Ibinabo Fiberesima  So Confused After Falling In Love

We are just deceiving ourselves. Polygamy means when you see a woman you love and desire, you marry her with the consent of your already married wife and bring her home. It’s not when you have one wife at home, then you have others scattered in different other places, that is not polygamy. And not when you have three wives and you cannot take care of one, that is an insult to polygamy. There are so many women out there who just want to have a man as an umbrella, but we keep saying one man one woman. Yet the women keep suffering. We all know that we have much more women in this world than men, the ratio is too high.

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