Sunday, 30 March 2014

Stephanie Coker-Nigerian Men Are Very Promiscuous

It may seem hard to believe, but we have seen Stephanie Coker become one of Nigeria’s most witty and exciting presenters,  we have seen feature  in TV soap opera ‘Tinsel’ on Africa Magic as Abigail, Stephanie would love to marry a Nigeria man even though she believes that these men are very promiscuous , for her it is just the way one deals with that but she is not accepting it from her, the presenter works for MTV Base Africa and Ebony Life TV.

Lola Magret-Nollywood Marriage Doesn’t  Last

Since she came back  from the UK to Nigeria in 2011, hear what she got to say :I think Nigeria is very fulfilling and that’s why a lot of people are moving back here. For me, it has always been about the lifestyle.  I feel UK is very strenuous and there is a bit too much order. You know what is going to happen next. It is not spontaneous, things don’t just happen, you have to plan. Though it is a good way to live, it can be a bit mundane and very boring.”

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