Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Alex Okoroji: I Took A Leave From Nollywood Because Of Depression

Alex Okoroji has been away from Nollywood for a very long time and tongues are rolling that she has bowed  out of acting, and even when producers want to connect with her for a movie, some people blocks her way because they have written off in Nollywood, but the actress took a leave to take care of her child and most importantly to deal with depression.

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“Who said I have stopped acting to become a blogger? And I no longer live in Lagos. Hahahah. People sef and their pull me down syndrome. Just because I spent a few years away raising my child + dealing with depression… and I’m not all over the place seeking attention doesn’t mean I have dumped my first love. How can you tell a producer who saw me on ‘spider’ that I no longer act.
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Didn’t we shoot last year and the year before after I moved back in 2011? Besides, I just got off a movie set with Stride Media and I’ve shot two quality movies this year admist my other creative endeavours  and I’m quietly working on several other projects. I try not to chase unnecessary  hype because I honestly believe in my art speaking for me”
she concludes: “As for those who are worried that I may have left…Ha! Not a chance…Trust me Lovelies, a true Artiste never leaves their craft.  You’ll definitely see a lot more of me on your screen. Kisses!‎”

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