Monday, 12 May 2014

Chinney Eze Would Love To Work With Michel Majid

Chinney Eze has become one of the talented producers in Nollywood with her debut movie, ‘The Cartel’, which got her The 5 nominations at ZAFAA awards as well as 4 nominations at the Best of Nollywood Awards, she said that Nollywood still have a long way to go and most importantly, they need a lot of discipline,  if there is one thing that she would want to change in Nollywood, it is going to be to stop piracy which is killing their business.

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Chinney’s  biggest inspiration in Nollywood should be Emem Isong: “I’ve never met Emem Isong before. I’ve met her a couple of times in premieres but I don’t know her one on one but I like her spirit. I like the fact that she just gave it a try and there’s no going back for her. She’s doing it big and she’s one of the biggest Nollywood producers in Nigeria. So I saw it, I liked it and I said let me follow her trend. “
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She is single and may not be searching for a man now, it is only her career that she is taking care of.  “I like guys that are very funny, I like witty guys. Great sense of humor. Aside God-fearing, a funny guy that can make me laugh and I’m fine…I would love to work with Majid. I think that’s the only person I want to work with very soon”

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