Friday, 2 May 2014

Dilish Matthews: Flavour And I Are Just Friends

The rumours that Dillish Matthews is dating Flavour can now be put to rest, the babe was in Nigeria recently and was caught up in an interview where she said more than she thought possible, not that she was under duress but she just couldn’t stop talking about how she is running out of time to make babies…No man has been sighted not even Flavour because she says he has a hottie girlfriend she is not willing to struggle with.

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She loves African music. “After Big Brother, my mind opened and I started listening to South African music, to D’banj and of course to Flavour so when he asked me to feature in his video, I said yes.
As for acting, I’m working on a few things and if they turn out well, I just might explore it too.”
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There is not happening between her and Flavour, “Flavour and I are just friends. I mean he’s hot and I’m sure he thinks I’m hot but we’re just okay with being friends. Besides, he hasn’t made any moves like that and I haven’t either.He has a girlfriend and I hear she’s a hottie.
Nigerian and Ghanaian men, Dillish said that she would either marry any of you guys, it is time to start making your moves because she thinks you guys are very attractive

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