Saturday, 24 May 2014

Essence: Some Artistes Who Leave Labels Are Greedy And impatient

Uwale Okoro is the lady you would always hear her voice when you watch Wale Adenuga’s soap opera, sing the  soundtrack “This is Super Story” , she is currently one of the oldest artistes in the Kennis Music label who has been able to stay without trouble, while some of her colleagues are breaking out of labels to form their own labels.

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Her secret is this “Having been part of the industry in the capacity of backup singer to Kenny Saint-Brown and a few others, I was privileged to see firsthand the follies of artistes before me.
If your aim is to get money or fame at all cost then you will be a rolling stone that will gather no moss, so I advised myself when I finally got signed on, not to make the same mistake. Many who left, left because of greed and impatience.”
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She is not going to change her brand name ‘Essence:  “I have worked very hard to build the brand name ‘Essence’ and I don’t know of any Nigerian artiste laying claim to that name except myself. Anyone with knowledge of branding knows that it is foolhardy to change names, especially, when that name has become a brand. Of course, I have right to explore as an artiste, but I do not plan to change my name.

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