Thursday, 29 May 2014

Khareema Aguiar- I Can Never Be A Sugar Mummy To My Boyfriend

Khareema Aguiar is not that crazy about clothes and doesn’t bother who dresses better than her at red carpets, she feels that being fashionable is wearing what makes her better and has given critics a run for their big mouths when they talk because she doesn’t care what is in vogue or what they are saying about her.

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“I think being fashionable is how good you feel about yourself and what you’re wearing at any particular time. I don’t believe in wearing clothes simply because they are in vogue. I feel that for somebody to be a fashionista, it really depends on their confidence level,” she told Showbiz.
Khareema had not really invested in fashionable clothes
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“I’m not really that fashionable kind of person. I love shoes more, so I think if I have to go for a particular fashion fetish, I would go with shoes. But with clothes, I can’t even make up my mind most of the time and sometimes I end up not going to events because I couldn’t find that one dress to wear. I’m not really the fashion clothes type and I just wear whatever I want to wear,” she said.

She is dating a boyfriend who is younger than her
“I can never be a sugar mummy to my boyfriend. Yes, I’m older than him and if that’s what people are talking about, that’s their problem. We’re both in our twenties and I don’t see why people would say I am a sugar mummy. Besides, I don’t think love has anything to do with age. Age is just a number,” she said.

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