Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Marvelous Odiete- I Didn’t Promise Any Lady Marriage After Project Fame

Marvelous Odiete had disappeared in the thin air after MTN Season 5, people began to look for him after he married  after the show,  the reason was Marvelous had  stolen his fans hearts whenever he had handled the microphone on stage, these days, we have not seen him but he is heartbroken…Heartbroken that people are saying that he has left the industry.

Alex Okoroji: I Took A Leave From Nollywood Because Of Depression

He has  never abandoned music : “ Let me correct this impression that after Project Fame I abandoned music because I did not come first. Number one, I am very glad to come out with the position of first runner-up in the competition; I didn’t feel discouraged and my confidence is still intact.
Flavour: I am A Virgin

He doesn’t  want to use the word ‘abandon‘. It’s a very big word so that it won’t hurt the feeling of his fans.  “If you follow the trend of all previous Project Fame winners, they are entitled to a recording deal and lots more. If I had won, I would have been very busy doing all that but I am not and really, I have had ample time for my business”
He insists  “I didn’t disappoint anybody by being married nor did I promise any lady marriage after Project Fame. I have lost contact with my wife for over 25 years and somehow fate brought us together. I saw her again and it just happened and we got married. So for the people, who are heartbroken, I am sorry!”

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