Saturday, 24 May 2014

Peggy Enoho- I Can’t Date A Nollywood Actor

Peggy Enoho was once a beauty queen who is now a Nollywood actress, a fashion entrepreneur and model, she is a lot of things added together, she likes the male actors in Nollywood because they are very talented but that is the limit for her, there is no dating when it comes to Nollywood guys.

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She is a friendly and calm person, though sometimes she likes to stay indoors, keep to herself and if she is out, she goes out with friends, have drinks and watch movies.
When it comes to fashion: “ I feel fashion is how you feel and how you want to be addressed. I love fashion and people know that they can’t catch me not getting it right. Fashion is not a display of wealth, it’s just another way to express how you feel and how you want people to see you. One fashion accessory I love so much is shoes.
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She added “Though I’m still single, I’m fine with my male admirers. We get along, we’re friends. Even if they come with an ulterior motive, by the time, they meet me, they change their minds because I make everybody my friend. It has never been a problem for me.”

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