Monday, 19 May 2014

President Obama Cancelled Our Wedding Venue- Couple Reveals

Christie Connolly and her fiancé Sam Holland would have gotten married in the grand City Hall in Cardiff, South Wales, this September, but the United States President Obama is going to have dinner there on this date and they have been asked to change their wedding venue, the President and some world leaders are  due to banquet in the building as part of the NATO summit in Newport.

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That has not stopped the couple from inviting the President, his wife Michelle and their secret service team to their new venue for a piece of cake.
She said: ‘I got a letter through saying that because of the NATO summit, City Hall and the surrounding areas would be inaccessible. When I read the first paragraph of the letter I nearly fainted. I thought: “Oh God, we haven’t got the money to make new plans and it’s a little bit late as we’ve already booked stuff!” but then I read the rest and was OK.
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‘They’ve decided to move all marriage bookings from City Hall to the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House.
‘We’re going to have to reprint invitations and things like that. It was a little bit hectic at first but the registrar has been great and really helpful.
Miss Connolly said: ‘I sent an email through The White House website and said: “I understand this is just what happens when the leader of the free world comes to town and everything gets put on hold, but it’s okay because you, your wife and your secret service guys are welcome to come down for a bit of cake!”‘
She added: “I’m not expecting him to turn up but just to get an email back would be quite cool.
‘And if he wants to pay for the wedding off the back of it, well I’m more than happy!’

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