Tuesday, 13 May 2014

There is no need to worry about the marital status of Angela Okorie who has been on the headlines over an alleged theft and sex scandal with Prosper , the reason is her hubby Chukwuma Orizu doesn’t believe what has been said about his wife.  He is not going to hit Angela neither is he hitting his head on the wall because of what has been said about his wife.

Angela Okorie- Nothing Is Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant

The couple is doing great at home and doesn’t need anyone to put asunder in their relationship, he wrote this morning “First of all I know everything about my wife’s movement in South Africa. We talked every minute that day. I laughed because I know my wife didn’t do it. I know they just want to tarnish her image.”
Angelina Jolie Reveals She Once Thought She Wouldn’t Get Kids

He added: “ A lot of people have been calling me and saying all sorts of things and I told them that I know my wife very well and she didn’t do all they said against her. I know all they want is to break our marriage but I am sorry to disappoint them. Please my marriage is very much intact. Remember what the bible said” What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. So I can’t chase my wife away because of mere rumor from people who don’t know her more than I do”

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