Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Diana Asamoah Denies Stealing Anyone’s Song

Gospel artiste Diana Asamoah doesn’t care who is heading to court because of the allegation that she stole a song, this rumour has been on for a while now and it was said that she has infringed on someone’s copyright with the song Anopa Wiem on her latest album Pentecost Soree Nwom, but she has denied such act and is ready to vindicate herself before any court in the world.

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Her producer-cum-manager, Mr. Anane Frimpong has this to say;
“So it is not true that she ‘stole’ somebody’s song: in fact, the song in contention is number 181 in the hymnbook and credited to a woman by name Eunice Johnson who authored it in 1960,” he explained, indicating that he was informed the author was alive.
Mr. Anane-Frimpong’s explanation comes in the wake of a claim by Fiifi, known in showbiz as Abe Pe Show, who insists he owned the copyright to the song, having registered it in 1990.

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“We are reliably informed that a man called Fiifi has been moving from one radio station to the other claiming that he first recorded the song in 1985 but registered it in 1990,” he said contending. “This cannot be true, at least with the information available to us.
“All we can tell in him for now is that, he should stop what he is doing to resort to the law if he thinks he has a case,” Mr. Anane-Fimpong said, indicating that he started making frantic efforts to reach Eunice Johnson “so that we can solve this puzzle once and for all!”

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