Monday, 9 June 2014

Yvonne Okoro Fights Her Critics

There have been this talk of Yvonne Okoro being broke for repeating a yellow dress that she had wore last two years and she has hit back at her critics, she has also reacted to the allegations of receiving a brand new Mercedes Benz from a Businessman in Ghana for free.

Yvonne Okoro- I Just Want To Stay Single For Now
She said : “finished filming n realised I got me an hour 2 spare on the silly article my sis sent to me crying n being broke cos I repeated an outfit geez so here are MILLONAIRES repeating outfits hmm they must b broke too.

Cara Delevingne Needs A Little Break From Lover, Michelle Rodriquez

“For all those insinuating all celebrities are ashawo and we get everything from men TIP-2 get such a prezzie women put ur BACK into it wen in the bedroom cos I sure did#smfh#stupidarticle, so u got a guy he gives u card I got one and allegedly gives me a car hmmm#mstbedoingsomethingrite…aside all let’s respect one another#jokesapart”

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