Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Robin Van Pesie Hit By Kitesurfer

The Manchester United striker, Robin van Persie and his  team-mate Daryl Janmaat were bowled over while walking along Ipanema on Monday
Netherlands striker Robin van Persie was hit by a kitesurfer on Monday, according to Brazilian news portal Globo.
Neither was seriously harmed in the collision, with the Dutch federation saying Van Persie had sustained “light scratches… But apart from that everything is fine.”
Louis van Gaal‘s side get their World Cup campaign underway against Spain on Friday.

Robert Kardashian Hid Evidence That Could Have Nailed OJ Simpson

Few facts has emerged that Robert Kardashian must have hidden evidence in a suitcase that could have nailed OJ Simpson, this happened the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were viciously stabbed to death and  he took the secret of where it is to his grave.
‘That evidence would have convicted “the killer”,’ says Ron’s father Fred Goldman, who to this day refuses to refer to the disgraced gridiron great by name. Kardashian, dad of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, died of esophageal cancer in 2003.’
Dear God!!! Kim Kardashian Accused Of Inadvertently Supporting Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad
‘Yes, it’s 20 years later and it’s never any different,’ Fred Goldman said
‘Whether it’s two days, two months or now twenty years later, nothing has changed. It’s the same loss, the same feeling that there is a missing piece in our family and it’s just as intense as the day he died. It is still devastating.
‘Honestly, any family who has gone through this nightmare, understands.
‘I still cry about my son and anything can trigger this emotion. It may be just a thought, a memory, a conversation, just a word or if someone reminded me of him.’
Robert Kardashian
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‘I learned much later that the night he died Ron had overheard someone at the restaurant talking to Nicole on the phone about her mother’s glasses. He found them outside.’
Nicole had dined with her family at Mezzaluna restaurant that evening. Ron, who planned to own his own eatery in Brentwood, worked there as a waiter to gain experience in the business.
‘I was not surprised that he volunteered to return the glasses to Nicole on his way home from work. I wish he hadn’t.

Natty Of New Masquerade Is Alive, Thanks Ibinabo Fiberesima

Some months ago, there was rumour that  Romanus Amuta, popularly known as Natty from the 80′s sitcom New Masquerade was late, however, this is totally false because he escaped death when he suffered from partial paralysis, he is thankful to AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima for helping save his life.

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He says. “Ada’m, Ada di ora nma, only God will reward you for saving my life. You have showed me that there is God. Anybody that says you are not working is not well. As you have saved my life, God will continue to preserve you.
 You brought me to this kind of big man hospital, paid everything, still gave me and my family extra money and still you have bought food stuff for me that doctor said I should be eating, only God can reward you, you have given me hope, now I am free” Amuta said while commending Ibinabo on service to AGN members.
Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina Shayk Attends Boxing Match
Natty’s wife said. “You have showed me today that God is a human being, he is a woman and her name is Ibinabo, madam thank you, Nollywood Television please help me to tell the world the good things this beautiful woman have done for me and my family, anybody that speaks ill of madam will incur the wrath of God, my husband is alive and will get better, God has used madam Ibinabo to bless me, Thank You Lord” she said.

Monday, 9 June 2014

D’Banj Celebrates Birthday, Don Jazzy Sends Sweet Message

Today is D’banj’s 34 birthday and he has decided to unleash the “White Lion”. Not only this, Asa Asika, famous for managing Davido, has signed on as D’banj‘s manager.

Yvonne Okoro Fights Her Critics
Introducing kiniwun funfun (WHITE LION). It’s been a blessed 34 years and I thank God for the Grace to see today because HIS Arm has sustained me and only HIS word to me Has made me whom I AM and as I mark Today, This will be a birthday I will remember forever because the heart of the RARE ONE ( White Lion)is unleashed!!! God bless my family, friends and wonderful fans and AC worldwide #10thanniversary #kiniwunfunfun #turnup!! Now u know the #KOKO #AFRICAISTHEKOKO
Kim Kardashian Frustrated Living With Her Mother, Kris Jenner
Asa made the news known to the public – “Happy birthday to the biggest fish! God bless you today! Too excited about all the stuff we are about to do…. #timeless #10years #client” he captioned the photo.
Don Jazzy tweets:Untitled

Yvonne Okoro Fights Her Critics

There have been this talk of Yvonne Okoro being broke for repeating a yellow dress that she had wore last two years and she has hit back at her critics, she has also reacted to the allegations of receiving a brand new Mercedes Benz from a Businessman in Ghana for free.

Yvonne Okoro- I Just Want To Stay Single For Now
She said : “finished filming n realised I got me an hour 2 spare on the silly article my sis sent to me crying n being broke cos I repeated an outfit geez so here are MILLONAIRES repeating outfits hmm they must b broke too.

Cara Delevingne Needs A Little Break From Lover, Michelle Rodriquez

“For all those insinuating all celebrities are ashawo and we get everything from men TIP-2 get such a prezzie women put ur BACK into it wen in the bedroom cos I sure did#smfh#stupidarticle, so u got a guy he gives u card I got one and allegedly gives me a car hmmm#mstbedoingsomethingrite…aside all let’s respect one another#jokesapart”

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I am Not Crazy- Ella Mensah

When people see Ella Mensah, a lot of things run through their minds when it comes to her dressing, the actress has the knack for dressing rather sparsely exposing sensitive parts of her body without minding what people would say about her, she is very aware of her dress style and what she said that what she  wears is what does the magic for her.

Diana Asamoah Denies Stealing Anyone’s Song

She said  “I know they say I’m crazy because of the way I clothe myself,” She doesn’t mind.
“I don’t care what people think about me because no one feeds me. I think about myself first before anyone other person, and I believe this is what has brought me this far. If I had listened to criticisms, I don’t think I would be where I am now.”

Dayo Amusa Sucks A Mystery Man’s Fingers in Bed

“Somehow, I feel happy whenever people complain about what I wear because that is what brings me attention”‘ she said. “I look different from my colleagues when I dress this way”.
Although she has acted in so many movies, Ella said she is not popular in Ghana because she is mostly based in Nigeria.
“I am mostly in Nigeria shooting that is why I am not that popular in Ghana, but I believe when I relocate back to Ghana, my name will be everywhere”.

Diana Asamoah Denies Stealing Anyone’s Song

Gospel artiste Diana Asamoah doesn’t care who is heading to court because of the allegation that she stole a song, this rumour has been on for a while now and it was said that she has infringed on someone’s copyright with the song Anopa Wiem on her latest album Pentecost Soree Nwom, but she has denied such act and is ready to vindicate herself before any court in the world.

Dayo Amusa Sucks A Mystery Man’s Fingers in Bed

Her producer-cum-manager, Mr. Anane Frimpong has this to say;
“So it is not true that she ‘stole’ somebody’s song: in fact, the song in contention is number 181 in the hymnbook and credited to a woman by name Eunice Johnson who authored it in 1960,” he explained, indicating that he was informed the author was alive.
Mr. Anane-Frimpong’s explanation comes in the wake of a claim by Fiifi, known in showbiz as Abe Pe Show, who insists he owned the copyright to the song, having registered it in 1990.

Law Of Kama- Emma Agu Hit With Adultery Scandal

“We are reliably informed that a man called Fiifi has been moving from one radio station to the other claiming that he first recorded the song in 1985 but registered it in 1990,” he said contending. “This cannot be true, at least with the information available to us.
“All we can tell in him for now is that, he should stop what he is doing to resort to the law if he thinks he has a case,” Mr. Anane-Fimpong said, indicating that he started making frantic efforts to reach Eunice Johnson “so that we can solve this puzzle once and for all!”

Monday, 2 June 2014

Our dear Dayo Amusa had posted a picture on a Sunday morning which was yesterday, she has woken up with someone we are not sure of, but the picture she posted with a man’s fingers inside her mouth has a lot of things to tell without us saying it.
Law Of Kama- Emma Agu Hit With Adultery Scandal
Fans immediately began asking who the ‘secret man’ the actress was with as only his hands were shown in the IG photo. It wasn’t long before she was pressured to delete the photo off social media.

Emma Agu Caught In A Web Of Adultary

He has been everywhere with his slam on Jim Iyke over his alleged come back with Keturah Hamilton, a story that has been denied by Jim and was also reported to the police by Hamilton to stop stalking her, right now rumour has it that Emma Agu is having an illicit affair with a married woman, Marion Amanambu and it is reported that he has allegedly confessed to have enjoyed his affair with the unidentified woman of about four kids.

Please  Just Block Me On Instagram And We Can Be Great- Don Jazzy
His wife has gotten wind of this affair and she is threatening to move away from their marriage, he has not responded to the many calls to clarify this issue.
Donald Sterling Girlfriend Beaten By Two White Men
However, his fight with Keturah is not over because the two of them are exposing their dirty linings in the public, leaving Jim to cover all the holes Emma had dug on his private life with Nadia Buari.

Please Just Block Me On Instagram And We Can Be Great- Don Jazzy

He is loved by all and has this charisma of getting favour from people, little wonder Don Jazzy has become a sensation on the social media platforms, the Don has been hammered by Instagram with its rules, he only has 50 more people to follow on the platform and that would end his business with following anyone.

Donald Sterling Girlfriend Beaten By Two White Men
Currently, he is following 7450 people and the threshold of Instagram is 7500, the policy reads:
‘In order to reduce unwanted spam, Instagram has recently placed a cap on the number of people that any account can follow at 7,500. This helps ensure that users do not violate our Community Guidelines. This change affects accounts that currently have less than 7,500 followers’, the social media company announced a while back.”
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The Don has this to say:
‘#DoroAnnouncement. Guys apparently Instagram stops me from following more than 7500 people. Yes I follow too many people cos it makes some people happy when I do. I like making people happy, live with it. That said, I see some people complaining about me posting too many pics.
PLS if my posts re upsetting you in any way, and I’m following you, I totally understand. Pls just block me and we can both be great. You don’t get to see my annoying pics and I can clear up space to follow my people that want me to follow them. No hard feelings ooo. I still love you. osheee. God bless you as u cooperate’.