Thursday, 29 May 2014

Khareema Aguiar- I Can Never Be A Sugar Mummy To My Boyfriend

Khareema Aguiar is not that crazy about clothes and doesn’t bother who dresses better than her at red carpets, she feels that being fashionable is wearing what makes her better and has given critics a run for their big mouths when they talk because she doesn’t care what is in vogue or what they are saying about her.

Three Year Old Boy Shots Baby Brother Dead With Pistol
“I think being fashionable is how good you feel about yourself and what you’re wearing at any particular time. I don’t believe in wearing clothes simply because they are in vogue. I feel that for somebody to be a fashionista, it really depends on their confidence level,” she told Showbiz.
Khareema had not really invested in fashionable clothes
Cristiano Ronaldo So Rich That He Doesn’t Know How Much He Worth
“I’m not really that fashionable kind of person. I love shoes more, so I think if I have to go for a particular fashion fetish, I would go with shoes. But with clothes, I can’t even make up my mind most of the time and sometimes I end up not going to events because I couldn’t find that one dress to wear. I’m not really the fashion clothes type and I just wear whatever I want to wear,” she said.

She is dating a boyfriend who is younger than her
“I can never be a sugar mummy to my boyfriend. Yes, I’m older than him and if that’s what people are talking about, that’s their problem. We’re both in our twenties and I don’t see why people would say I am a sugar mummy. Besides, I don’t think love has anything to do with age. Age is just a number,” she said.

Three Year Old Boy Shots Baby Brother Dead With Pistol

It is unfortunate that today’s guns can be fired by even little kids, a three year old boy had mistaken picked a handgun while he was playing in a neighbour’s home and shot his 18-month-old brother, the kids had visited a 78-year-old family friend with their mother when the tragedy happened, the boy had taken the pistol in the living and went to where his brother was and fired.

Cristiano Ronaldo So Rich That He Doesn’t Know How Much He Worth

The mother who was walking into the room couldn’t stop it when he had fired and the bullet hit the younger boy in the head. According to officers, multiple guns were found inside the home and they are not ruling out charges against the mother or neighbour.
Results will be forwarded to the Gila County Attorney‘s Office for a decision on whether to prosecute anybody, he said.
Hayden Panettiere Is Pregnant With Her First Baby
‘What we’re taking a look at is the circumstances regarding the securing of the weapon’ and how the boys were able to get a hold of it, Engler said.
‘We are continuing our investigation, and we haven’t ruled out criminal charges at this point.’

Monday, 26 May 2014

Clarion Chukwurah Wins Best Actress In AMAA

Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwurah has won her first award of the year at the last concluded AMAA (Africa Movie Academy Awards) that was held in Bayelsa state, she emerged the best actress of the year for her role in Emem Isong’s, Apaye movie.
Beyonce Sends Good Will Messages to Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

She was excited about her award and had dedicated it to Nigeria: “I dedicate this award to my country, Nigeria, because the role I played in Apaye was the role of a woman who, despite all odds, became triumphant. So, I dedicate this award to Nigeria.”
This doesn’t mean that she would stop fighting  AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima, in her recent interview she said:
John Legend Said That Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Are Soul Mates

“If Ibinabo recognized me as a senior colleague, she would have picked up her phone and called me at one point or the other, before or during her leadership. She had never done so.
That is one. Two, I was privileged, with the manner she spoke during the issue of the murder case for which she was convicted, and I didn’t see that attitude as someone you should dialogue with.
“Thank You, I was approached in 2003 to be President of AGN.
Myself and Emeka Rollas were approached and I accepted. Then I printed posters and started campaigning. Then came the issue that in the East, the state chapter members, the elders said they respect me but that they are not yet ready for a woman to be President.
So they said Zack Orji should run for President and I should run for Vice President but I rejected that arrangement and I should support Zack Orji for president.
That for me, it is either President or nothing! I would rather be President or stay out of it. ..”

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Essence: Some Artistes Who Leave Labels Are Greedy And impatient

Uwale Okoro is the lady you would always hear her voice when you watch Wale Adenuga’s soap opera, sing the  soundtrack “This is Super Story” , she is currently one of the oldest artistes in the Kennis Music label who has been able to stay without trouble, while some of her colleagues are breaking out of labels to form their own labels.

Justin Bieber And Michael Carrick Supports Lewis Hamilton’s Monaco Grand Prix

Her secret is this “Having been part of the industry in the capacity of backup singer to Kenny Saint-Brown and a few others, I was privileged to see firsthand the follies of artistes before me.
If your aim is to get money or fame at all cost then you will be a rolling stone that will gather no moss, so I advised myself when I finally got signed on, not to make the same mistake. Many who left, left because of greed and impatience.”
Peggy Enoho- I Can’t Date A Nollywood Actor

She is not going to change her brand name ‘Essence:  “I have worked very hard to build the brand name ‘Essence’ and I don’t know of any Nigerian artiste laying claim to that name except myself. Anyone with knowledge of branding knows that it is foolhardy to change names, especially, when that name has become a brand. Of course, I have right to explore as an artiste, but I do not plan to change my name.

Peggy Enoho- I Can’t Date A Nollywood Actor

Peggy Enoho was once a beauty queen who is now a Nollywood actress, a fashion entrepreneur and model, she is a lot of things added together, she likes the male actors in Nollywood because they are very talented but that is the limit for her, there is no dating when it comes to Nollywood guys.

Lionel Richie Surprised With His BET Lifetime Achievement Award

She is a friendly and calm person, though sometimes she likes to stay indoors, keep to herself and if she is out, she goes out with friends, have drinks and watch movies.
When it comes to fashion: “ I feel fashion is how you feel and how you want to be addressed. I love fashion and people know that they can’t catch me not getting it right. Fashion is not a display of wealth, it’s just another way to express how you feel and how you want people to see you. One fashion accessory I love so much is shoes.
Elikem Kumordzi Clothes The Ghana’s Team At World Cup

She added “Though I’m still single, I’m fine with my male admirers. We get along, we’re friends. Even if they come with an ulterior motive, by the time, they meet me, they change their minds because I make everybody my friend. It has never been a problem for me.”

Friday, 23 May 2014

Since Karen Igho left the shores of Africa for the United Kingdom, first for her breasts tumours and secondly for her education as a student of Business Administration and Management, there have been less of fights with fans and no need for controversies.

Who Said Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Are Separated? They Are Still Lovers

We have seen a more quiet Karen , who has been hit with controversies like rain while in Nigeria, she is indeed busy with her education to bother about Twitter Word War with any fan, we have been wondering if what we are seeing on her finger is what we are thinking.
She just posted a rock on that special finger that says ‘I Do’ before the pastor can even agree to pronounce a man and woman as wife, we mean there is a ring on that engagement finger and we are waiting to know if she is engaged or…
Efya To Share Stage With Miley Cyrus And Mariah Carey

However, her good friend, Derenle Edun has already reached out to her saying he will be her bridesmaid, we are waiting for her to know if she would tell us what we want to hear, we have not seen her with a man recently , maybe, this lucky guy is based in the UK too

Who Said Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Are Separated? They Are Still Lovers

Sometimes, we just have to respect Jim Iyke and his will of taking care of situations, the guy has learnt the rope of handling rumours that may seem true by keeping silent, it doesn’t even matter whant Ruth Okoro or Emma Agu got to say about him and ladies, Jim and Nadia Buari are doing well as lovers.

Jim Iyke In Hell With More Damaging Secrets Coming Out From Ladies
Jim has denied all these rumours and said it is pure speculation, his media manager, Mitch Ngaman, has released a statement of these rumours:
It Is  Over For Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari

“I can assure you that whatever you may have heard regarding the ‘misunderstanding’ between Jim and Nadia is pure speculation. Nonetheless, it is normal for lovers to disagree with each other occasionally or they wouldn’t be human beings. We are aware of the false rumour about Jim and Nadia’s breakup.”
“We have decided to ignore it because it is unfounded. That guy is a frustrated musician and blogger whose stock – in – trade is blackmail. All he does is to meddle in other people’s business. And if he does not have his way, he goes into a tantrum and fabricates stories. We will act when we deem fit. He can keep on ranting for now,” the statement reads.
Though, Nadia still have not said anything about this…

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

You Can Threaten Me But You Can’t Stop Me- Kofi B

In far away Ghana, Kofi B has become that man who wouldn’t allow threat to stop him from making a joyful noise, he has been threatened over his campaign for transparency, fairness and equity in the distribution of royalties by the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), but some people who wouldn’t want this to happen are already threatening him.

Mercy Johnson: I Have Repented From Wearing Skimpy Dresses

Kofi has become one the strongest voices that are hitting the interim Chairman of GHAMRO, Carlos Sekyi to account for all those royalties that have been paid on the name of the musicians and also he wants the board to explain why they should have allowed Carlos to still be in the office when he should stepped down last year.
“Tweeaa!!! These death threats will not stop me from making sure that Carlos Sekyi and the entire GHAMRO board render accounts to musicians in Ghana. I’m going to be louder than before on this issue,” I’m going to be louder than before on this issue,” Kofi B said.
Ryan Giggs Mingles With Diego Maradona
Reports said GHAMRO executives have scheduled to hold elections around July, but Kofi B said, “that election won’t work. The interim GHAMRO board has not rendered accounts on the monies it has collected for the past three years. How can they hold elections?”
“The law does not permit Carlos Sekyi and his team to hold the GHAMRO position for more than two years but as it stands now, they are in their third year. We don’t need him there,” he added.

Mercy Johnson: I Have Repented From Wearing Skimpy Dresses

We once knew Mercy Johnson as that actress who was full of controversies, that was years before she got married, she was always dressing to kill, her body half covered and she never cared, but now that she is a responsible mama and wife, all these things have passed away, indeed, marriage has influence her style positively and she cannot help it but laugh when she sees the type of dresses she wears once upon a time.

Ryan Giggs Mingles With Diego Maradona
Mercy said “Marriage is influencing my dress sense in a more positive way. As I always say my husband is my greatest critic but when it comes to my profession, he understands and has made me grow better than I used to.
Sometimes when I look back and see the dresses I wore I laugh real hard and thank God for a blessed and understanding friend, manager and hubby.”
Yvonne Nelson Doesn’t Believe In Dating Again
This talk of endorsement is everywhere and with no major endorsement, she has this to say “First of all I always remain grateful that I am appreciated and recommended by showbiz personalities and Nigerians.
That for me is the biggest endorsement. The other one will come. Keep your fingers crossed. I am humbled, grateful and uplifted and full of gratitude to everyone who ‘Googled’ Mercy Johnson at all times.” she said

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Footballer Dies After Collision With Goalkeeper

It was a very sad moment for everyone who had come to watch a watch Indonesian Premier League match, a player Persiraja striker Akli Fairuz was injured after PSAP Sigli goalkeeper Agus Rahman’s boot had hit him when the pair had raced for the ball.  It was a horror challenge and players had clearly incensed by the tackle, clashed on the pitch while the referee had to be moved away by security.

African China Prays For Nigeria To Split

Frontman Fairuz was substituted but managed to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines.
However, the attacker later took a turn for the worse and had to be admitted to hospital.
Woman Becomes The Highest Paid With £2,681,297,538 After Divorce Settlement

It was soon discovered that Fairus had suffered bladder leakage and, a few days after the match, passed away from his internal injuries.

African China Prays For Nigeria To Split

African China has visited the land of controversies recently and it looks like he is enjoying his time there, apart from the fact that he has slammed some Nigerian artistes for not doing a song against Boko Haram and now , he is facing the government and claims that the government is jeopardizing the image of Nigeria with the type of laws that they are operating with, the government is not being fair to people it is ruling, he saod They are not telling the people the truth. Before they tell us it is cabal, but now, we don’t hear about the cabal. What we hear now is Boko Haram, he explains.

Woman Becomes The Highest Paid With £2,681,297,538 After Divorce Settlement

He asked, “Do you know why Jonathan is concern now, it’s because celebrities from outside countries are now the people campaigning that’s why. If you play the song, they will tell you don’t play the song on air. They are jeopardizing the image of this country, which country? If the country is not good, it’s not good. Let’s call a spade a spade. What is not good, it is not good. “
It Is  Over For Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari

He concluded “If you no do good, we should say it. What happened in Egypt, Syria, Libya? You are ruling these people and they pay taxes. Where is Michelin company today? They are now in Ghana. How big is Ghana to compare to Lagos not to talk of Nigeria. This country is fu*ked, I think it’s high time we split.”

Woman Becomes The Highest Paid With £2,681,297,538 After Divorce Settlement

We have heard about divorce that got women very rich but there is a record breaker who has won a whopping sum of £2.7billion, a Russian oligarch, Mr Rybolovlev has been ordered to pay this sum to his ex-wife, Elena Rybolovleva, who was with him for 24 years, a very precise 4,020,555,987 Swiss francs and 20 centimes, this has become the world biggest divorce settlement, this amount has been converted to today’s currency which is £2,681,297,538 and 78 pence, an estimate of half the Russian oligarch’s entire fortune.

Mick Jagger Is Now A Great Grand-Father

Mr Rybolovlev had tried to fight this and also hide his assets, it follow a six-year legal saga in which Mr Rybolovlev, who made his billions through a successful fertiliser business, bitterly contested Mrs Rybolovleva’s claims to two of the most expensive properties in the USA and a £100million Greek island.
Ray J Offers Kim Kardashian Money From Their Sex Tape

Now Mr Rybolovlev must sign a cheque for the incredible sum in the Swiss city of Geneva, where Mrs Rybolovleva lives in a lakeside mansion.
The settlement is far higher than the £1.5 billion paid by art heir Alec Wildenstein to his ex wife, Jocelyne, which until now had been the largest confirmed public divorce settlement in the world.
Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, was told to give his former wife, Anna, £1billion in 1999. He went on to marry his third wife Wendi Deng, from whom he is now divorced.
It Is  Over For Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari

Mr Rybolovlev, who was found by the court to be worth £5.2 billion – although the figure is believed to be a conservative estimate of his wealth – and his ex-wife have been at war since 2008 over the terms of their divorce.
Mrs Rybolovleva won custody of the couple’s 13-year-old daughter Anna, along with Mr Rybolovlev’s half of their former home in Cologny, an up-market neighbourhood of Geneva.

Monday, 19 May 2014

President Obama Cancelled Our Wedding Venue- Couple Reveals

Christie Connolly and her fiancĂ© Sam Holland would have gotten married in the grand City Hall in Cardiff, South Wales, this September, but the United States President Obama is going to have dinner there on this date and they have been asked to change their wedding venue, the President and some world leaders are  due to banquet in the building as part of the NATO summit in Newport.

Arnold Schwarzenegger& Sylvester Stallone Invade Cannes Film Festival In A Tank

That has not stopped the couple from inviting the President, his wife Michelle and their secret service team to their new venue for a piece of cake.
She said: ‘I got a letter through saying that because of the NATO summit, City Hall and the surrounding areas would be inaccessible. When I read the first paragraph of the letter I nearly fainted. I thought: “Oh God, we haven’t got the money to make new plans and it’s a little bit late as we’ve already booked stuff!” but then I read the rest and was OK.
Michael Jackson And Justin Timberlake Rules Billboard Music Awards

‘They’ve decided to move all marriage bookings from City Hall to the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House.
‘We’re going to have to reprint invitations and things like that. It was a little bit hectic at first but the registrar has been great and really helpful.
Miss Connolly said: ‘I sent an email through The White House website and said: “I understand this is just what happens when the leader of the free world comes to town and everything gets put on hold, but it’s okay because you, your wife and your secret service guys are welcome to come down for a bit of cake!”‘
She added: “I’m not expecting him to turn up but just to get an email back would be quite cool.
‘And if he wants to pay for the wedding off the back of it, well I’m more than happy!’

Michael Jackson And Justin Timberlake Rules Billboard Music Awards

The late  King of Pop, Michael Jackson came alive through hologram , where he was seen making some dance moves at the last concluded Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Justin Timberlake and Michael had ruled this award and Justin, who is on tour had received his awards through video,  the hologram of Michael had gotten a lot of the audience go emotional when they saw his amazing dance steps again.

Toni Braxton Talks About Her Abortion And Guilt

Justin won seven prizes, including top artist and Billboard 200 album.
“All the other finalists, Miley, Imagine Dragons, Bruno, Katy, I love you guys, it’s not a competition, but if it is, I won!” Timberlake exclaimed, dancing with his band.
The Jackson hologram had  performed Slave To The Rhythm, a song from Jackson’s new posthumous album Xscape, along with a plethora of background dancers.
Kim Kardashian Arrives Paris Ahead Of  Her Exotic Wedding

“We tried to do as best we could what we thought Michael would have loved, and those of us who knew Michael really well, we had a good perspective on it,” Epic Records boss LA Reid said backstage. Reid worked on the album and released it.
Robin Thicke, who won four awards including top Hot 100 song for Blurred Lines, debuted a new song called Get Her Back, aiming to win over his actress-wife Paula Patton after they announced in February they were separating.
He sang on bended knee and ended with the line: “I gotta get her back tonight.”

Toni Braxton Talks About Her Abortion And Guilt

Abortion is no longer a taboo in most developed worlds which have the act legalized and this is the reason why a lot of people do not shake their heads when they hear someone had abortion, for Toni Braxton, she was once pregnant for her ex-boyfriend, Keri Lewi and she was in the middle of a six-month prescription for Accutane, a prescription acne medication which can cause serious complications in pregnancy, and had to terminate the pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian Arrives Paris Ahead Of  Her Exotic Wedding

In her new memoir “Unbreak My Heart” she said that she wouldn’t have carried out the act if not for the medication she was taking then, and had admitted that her decision was caused more by the refusal to inconvenience her lifestyle than any fear that her fetus had been harmed.
Pamela Anderson Says She Was Abused And Gang Raped

She said that this abortion had caused her a huge amount of guilt, having being brought up in a religious home that doesn’t support abortion, she even thought that when Diezel, her youngest son was diagnosed with autism, she felt it was God who was punishing her for the abortion. She even had to questioned if her lupus diagnosis and her parents’ messy divorce were God’s payback for her decision.
Toni has had a lot of setbacks in her life so it’s nice to see her busy working again, we are happy to see more and more women breaking their silence about such a very personal experience so that other women don’t feel so guilty and ashamed.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bob Marley’s Daughter Marries Ekow Alabi Savage

Sharon Marley Prendergast and Ekow Alabi Savage  first met some 23 years ago before getting married at private family location this Tuesday,  indeed, this is a huge history  that has been made in Ghana with this marriage because it stands as the first and direct African marriage bonded to the Marley family. It will go a long way to solidify the connection of Ghana and Jamaica.

Who Are You To Judge Me? Eazzy Asked Fans

Bob Marley himself in songs have always wanted to be back to the motherland,  the late legend’s wife  Nana Rita is here in Ghana  and now Sharon too has followed the trend.
Genevieve Nnaji Asks: Will I Be Forgiven If I Cheat On My Husband?

Daddy Bosco said about the marriage  “I find this marriage as another extension of the Marley legacy. Sharon’s mother, Rita Marley, we all know moved to settle here with us in Ghana way back in 1990s and for her to give out her daughter’s hand in marriage to one of Ghana’s disciplined sons is indeed plausible. For the wind of love to circulate around these two people for 23 years is no joke at all.
“The Marley family is an iconic family, and they welcome you into their family. And they have allowed you to be part of their (Marley) family. They asked me to give you a message – No Woman, No Cry – they don’t want to see any tears in her eyes.

Genevieve Nnaji Asks: Will I Be Forgiven If I Cheat On My Husband?

All this while we have been waiting for the wedding bell to ring in the home of Genevieve Nnaji, we never knew that the actress is not in a rush to jump into a man who may kick her away in the nearby future, we may be leaving D’banj who has been alleged to be romantically linked with Genevieve for a while now in this story, we just want to talk about the actress and why she is still single.

Tee Billz Sends Daughter A Romantic Birthday Message

She said that marriage is the dream of every lady. “ We can’t lie to ourselves. I do want to get married but overtime I have had opportunities to get married but I realize getting married is not actually the problem. The problem is finding someone you are compatible with because I’m born Catholic, I’m raised Catholic, I don’t believe in divorce. “
Jay Z Will Be Kanye West’s Best Man

This means that if she gets married, she is staying marriage which is not really that easy and she must find her soul mate for this to work… “For me, before I choose a partner I have to ask myself if this is the kind of person I would be willing to forgive no matter what when the time comes. If the answer is no, then that person is wrong for me. That person is not the person you want to get married to. If you know you can look into someone’s eyes and say yes, this is the most you can do to me. If you actually cheat on me the first time, I can find it in my heart to forgive you. “
She then asked: “Even though the person may say they can forgive even when she cheats, can that be guaranteed? And will that not let some partners go ahead and cheat because they know they can be forgiven? “

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lanre Nzeribe has been dubbed the demon and villain while Monalisa Chinda is the victim in that relationship that has crumbled, Grace Amada had said, the lady who has exposed Monalisa today with stories of her woes and infidelity, she said that appearance can deceptive when it comes to Monalisa because she is the opposite of what we all thought…This means we would be hearing more from Monalisa when she reads this.

Monalisa Chinda- Lanre Nzeribe Is Only A Friend And I Won’t Say More Than That

Grace said: “Like I stated earlier I know both parties’ good and bad side so I won’t make any party look good or spread lies. Yes we all know Lanre Nzeribe to be a ladies’ man, a man every woman wants to be around but that doesn’t make him a criminal or different from the regular man out there…When this love affair started so many people warned Lanre about Lisa me inclusive, they told him to just walk away, all her numerous escapades that he read online were enough for him to walk away but he didn’t”
Last Week…Bisi Ibidapo Obe Opens Sex Shop , Terry G Blames Past
She talked about Monalisa: “Her insatiable desire for the good life on a fast lane will never make Lisa sit down and settle down. Her greed for fancy things, small boys, married men and money will never make Lisa stay faithful. She would do anything to stay relevant and I mean ANYTHING.”
Lanre had hired a private investigator to follow Monalisa to London: “Lisa was in a hotel in London sleeping with a white man, and this was supposed to be a business trip o. This broke Lanre into pieces he couldn’t trust her any longer.”
Finally, Grace said: “Lisa didn’t like hard work, she preferred easy money, one where she opens her leg and get money speedily.
There is no need to worry about the marital status of Angela Okorie who has been on the headlines over an alleged theft and sex scandal with Prosper , the reason is her hubby Chukwuma Orizu doesn’t believe what has been said about his wife.  He is not going to hit Angela neither is he hitting his head on the wall because of what has been said about his wife.

Angela Okorie- Nothing Is Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant

The couple is doing great at home and doesn’t need anyone to put asunder in their relationship, he wrote this morning “First of all I know everything about my wife’s movement in South Africa. We talked every minute that day. I laughed because I know my wife didn’t do it. I know they just want to tarnish her image.”
Angelina Jolie Reveals She Once Thought She Wouldn’t Get Kids

He added: “ A lot of people have been calling me and saying all sorts of things and I told them that I know my wife very well and she didn’t do all they said against her. I know all they want is to break our marriage but I am sorry to disappoint them. Please my marriage is very much intact. Remember what the bible said” What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. So I can’t chase my wife away because of mere rumor from people who don’t know her more than I do”

Monday, 12 May 2014

Pele Wants To Perform With One Direction On Stage

One Direction has got bigger and more famous with the legendary Pele mesmerized by their performances, he has offered to go on stage and play alongside them, it was the band’s latest gig in Sao Paulo on Saturday night that made Pele to gush loudly about them, he had come on the television on television for a cameo that saw him behind Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn at the Estadio Morumbi.

Davido Gets Hit By The Nigerian Immigration Over His Missed Flight

Holding five Brazilian football shirts, he  told the boys: “I admire and love you. I play the guitar and one day we’ll play together. I don’t want to play football, we’ll play guitar, OK? Welcome to Brazil again and good luck.”
Pele is tipping Brazil to win the World Cup in their home soil.  There have been talks between Pele and the band’s management to create the most amazing/surreal one-off supergroup.
Chinney Eze Would Love To Work With Michel Majid

A source tells us: “Pele does a lot of work for charity and is keen to make this happen. He is an enthusiastic amateur musician and genuinely excited about the prospect of playing guitar with Niall.
“At the moment a list of potential dates and venues are being discussed but it is looking likely that this will happen. Obviously the boys say they are happy to wear the Brazil shirts in return.”
In other 1D news, Hollywood director Morgan Spurlock has confirmed the world’s worst-kept secret – that there will be a sequel to the boy-band’s blockbuster movie, This Is Us.
Cameras are following every move of their gruelling tour – which recommences in Dublin on May 23 – with music mogul Simon Cowell determined they will get a nod in next year’s Academy Awards nominations.
Morgan says: “I know Simon wants the band to get awards for this documentary.
“He was upset when they missed out on being nominated for an Oscar with our previous film.”

Davido Gets Hit By The Nigerian Immigration Over His Missed Flight

Did Davido think that the Nigerian Immigration would not respond to his Instagram diss on them? Few days ago, we were sympathizing with Davido over missing his flight to London because some of the immigration guys there were alleged to have held him beyond the necessary time, it was alleged that bride business was the issue and when Davido couldn’t dole out some cash, he was caught in an uncomfortable situation.

Mafikizolo Arrives Nigeria  For Davido Collabo Video After Winning All In South Africa Music Awards

Don’t be carried away with our story, the immigration have given their own story and claims that they were not after the artiste’s money but he came with a US passport that didn’t have a Nigerian Visa on it and there was no way he could have left the country. He was asked to go home and get his other passport and this had angered Davido.
Naseeb Abdul Talks About His Collabo With Davido
Even the case was referred to the superiors and he was asked to travel home and come with his passport that would allow him visit London, his bodyguards were asked to  simply respect their old age before Davido calmed them and he came back the next day with his passport and move away
The agency are disappointed with the attitude that was exhibited by Davido  “This behaviour of Adeleke is quite unfortunate. One would ordinarily have expected some form of commendation from him for the professional manner the officers, who attended to him, conducted themselves especially in  saving him from  embarrassment at some international port of entry by ensuring that his passport is endorsed as is the law and practice in Nigeria”

Chinney Eze Would Love To Work With Michel Majid

Chinney Eze has become one of the talented producers in Nollywood with her debut movie, ‘The Cartel’, which got her The 5 nominations at ZAFAA awards as well as 4 nominations at the Best of Nollywood Awards, she said that Nollywood still have a long way to go and most importantly, they need a lot of discipline,  if there is one thing that she would want to change in Nollywood, it is going to be to stop piracy which is killing their business.

Manchester City Crown Barclays Premier League champions

Chinney’s  biggest inspiration in Nollywood should be Emem Isong: “I’ve never met Emem Isong before. I’ve met her a couple of times in premieres but I don’t know her one on one but I like her spirit. I like the fact that she just gave it a try and there’s no going back for her. She’s doing it big and she’s one of the biggest Nollywood producers in Nigeria. So I saw it, I liked it and I said let me follow her trend. “
Onyeka Onwenu- I am Still A Poor Woman

She is single and may not be searching for a man now, it is only her career that she is taking care of.  “I like guys that are very funny, I like witty guys. Great sense of humor. Aside God-fearing, a funny guy that can make me laugh and I’m fine…I would love to work with Majid. I think that’s the only person I want to work with very soon”

Friday, 9 May 2014

Ronnie Wood of Rolling Stone who painted his wife, Sally in a pose that is erotic, with her legs apart, hands behind her head and kneeling and he wants this nude portrait that has been titled Sally to sell at Castle Fine Art gallery in London’s Mayfair, as part of his Raw Instinct collection.

Pharrell Williams Admits Hanging Up On Michael Jackson

The canvass measures approximately 1.3 metres by 1.6 metres. At £200,000 it is the most expensive piece of artwork in the exhibition, with other paintings inspired by his music career and costing between £10,000 to £50,000.
Idris Elba Debuts In Nollywood

Outside his music, he is most famous for his portraits of his bandmates. Ronnie said . “We always have fun together, Sall’s great at modelling,” he said. “There’s plenty more, we did some more recently in the Seychelles.”
There is another nude portrait of Sally that is titled ‘The Bum’ which is on display in United States at Connecticut Benton museum, he had done this with his iPad  using a paintbrush application, which shows his wife from behind, lying on her front on a bed.
Ronnie also said “‘When I get inspired, I get almost possessed and I just have to paint. There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through to the end. I get the musical mode when I’m on tour – I might do a few sketches – but I’m mainly concentrating on the music. Then when the tour’s over I can relax and I then find myself getting the brush out. Music and art is very relaxing to me.’

Pharrell Williams Admits Hanging Up On Michael Jackson

You may  not believe this but Pharrell Williams has revealed that he had  hung up on Michael Jackson twice, he had believed that he was prank caller, he said this on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pharrell who was working with Justin Timberlake on his debut solo album then when Michael called him and he just couldn’t believe it, it must have been a prank he suspected.

Idris Elba Debuts In Nollywood

Pharrell said : “We’re in the studio and they’re like there’s a call for you on line one, I pick up ‘Who is this?’ ‘It’s Michael Jackson.’ ‘What?!’ Click! Second time, ‘Pharrell, it’s Michael Jackson‘. I’m like, ‘Come on, we don’t have time for this, we’re right in the middle of a song. Come on dude.’

Charly Boy Says He Is Living His Dreams Now

“Third time, ‘It’s really Michael Jackson‘. So I pick up the phone and he’s like ‘Hello, how are you? It’s Michael,’ Crunch crunch crunch – eating popcorn in my ear and that’s when I knew it was him!”
And when he realized that it was actually Michael, he had tried to make amends and he gushed: “‘I’m such a huge fan,’ and he’s like ‘How’s it going with Justin, is he good?’ and when Pharrell replied “Yes sir,” Michael  said, “That’s good, that’s amazing. Cool. Well, have a good time, see you later.”
He exclaimed: “That was the king, the king eating popcorn in my ear!”

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nuala McKeever Supported Fully By The Gay Community

One of Northern Ireland’s popular comedienne Nuala McKeever, who lost her partner,  Mike Moloney last year has found love in a lady, she is supported fully by the gay community for taking the path of the same sex affair , Nuala is known for being a champion of gay rights and marriage equality, last week she spoke:

Eminem Breaks Record To Perform At Wembley Stadium

“To whom it may concern or delight, I have just recently started a relationship with a woman.I know there are many serious issues going on in the world and the affairs of one or two individuals in a town this size don’t amount to a hill of borrowed beans, but it seems important to me to make some declaration out loud.”
Bombshell!!! Monica Lewinsky Exposes More Secrets About Affair With Bill Clinton

And support is pouring in for her: “”One of the biggest issues impacting on our community is invisibility. People like Nuala being open about their sexual orientation and being proud of who they are will help others accept and celebrate who they are.
“It is great to see another female non-heterosexual role model in Northern Ireland, particularly one as talented and articulate as Nuala McKeever.
“Nuala has been a lifetime supporter and advocate for LGBT issues and through her personal story has demonstrated how love knows no gender. I wish Nuala and her partner every happiness in the future.”

Eminem Breaks Record To Perform At Wembley Stadium

Eminem has broken another milestone, he is going to be the first rapper to ever perform a headline show at the famous Wembley Stadium , which is the venue of the legends on July 11, he said that it comes after his plans to perform in Hyde Park fell through.

Bombshell!!! Monica Lewinsky Exposes More Secrets About Affair With Bill Clinton

He said  that “it made me even more excited to play in London this summer”. He added said: “The easiest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it. Thanks to the Royal Parks for making it all possible… for Wembley.”
This is going to be the first London show for Eminem since 2001 because every of his UK dates since then have been top-billing festival slots elsewhere across the country. With a huge fan base, the chances are that it will add to his worldwide success, which includes 103 million album sales to date.

Woman  gang-raped as ‘punishment’ for having an affair with a married man

The Marshall Mathers LP 2  which is his recently-released album broke records when it was released in the UK and debuted at number one. It has become the rapper’s  seventh number one album and made him the first American act to score seven consecutive UK number one albums.
His new single Headlights, featuring Nate Ruess, which is to be accompanied by a Spike Lee-directed video, is being released to coincide with the Wembley show.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Marvelous Odiete- I Didn’t Promise Any Lady Marriage After Project Fame

Marvelous Odiete had disappeared in the thin air after MTN Season 5, people began to look for him after he married  after the show,  the reason was Marvelous had  stolen his fans hearts whenever he had handled the microphone on stage, these days, we have not seen him but he is heartbroken…Heartbroken that people are saying that he has left the industry.

Alex Okoroji: I Took A Leave From Nollywood Because Of Depression

He has  never abandoned music : “ Let me correct this impression that after Project Fame I abandoned music because I did not come first. Number one, I am very glad to come out with the position of first runner-up in the competition; I didn’t feel discouraged and my confidence is still intact.
Flavour: I am A Virgin

He doesn’t  want to use the word ‘abandon‘. It’s a very big word so that it won’t hurt the feeling of his fans.  “If you follow the trend of all previous Project Fame winners, they are entitled to a recording deal and lots more. If I had won, I would have been very busy doing all that but I am not and really, I have had ample time for my business”
He insists  “I didn’t disappoint anybody by being married nor did I promise any lady marriage after Project Fame. I have lost contact with my wife for over 25 years and somehow fate brought us together. I saw her again and it just happened and we got married. So for the people, who are heartbroken, I am sorry!”

Alex Okoroji: I Took A Leave From Nollywood Because Of Depression

Alex Okoroji has been away from Nollywood for a very long time and tongues are rolling that she has bowed  out of acting, and even when producers want to connect with her for a movie, some people blocks her way because they have written off in Nollywood, but the actress took a leave to take care of her child and most importantly to deal with depression.

Flavour: I am A Virgin

“Who said I have stopped acting to become a blogger? And I no longer live in Lagos. Hahahah. People sef and their pull me down syndrome. Just because I spent a few years away raising my child + dealing with depression… and I’m not all over the place seeking attention doesn’t mean I have dumped my first love. How can you tell a producer who saw me on ‘spider’ that I no longer act.
Balotelli Displays Shoes, Barca Throws Away Fan With Madrid Shirt

Didn’t we shoot last year and the year before after I moved back in 2011? Besides, I just got off a movie set with Stride Media and I’ve shot two quality movies this year admist my other creative endeavours  and I’m quietly working on several other projects. I try not to chase unnecessary  hype because I honestly believe in my art speaking for me”
she concludes: “As for those who are worried that I may have left…Ha! Not a chance…Trust me Lovelies, a true Artiste never leaves their craft.  You’ll definitely see a lot more of me on your screen. Kisses!‎”

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ben Affleck Caught Cheating During Gambling:Banned For Life

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck  was caught cheating during a blackjack game at a Las Vegas casino, he failed to realize that this is not shooting movies but a real game that he was not expected to count his card, this is a gambling strategy that would have helped him reduce his betting risk, the security caught him and it is a crime in gambling, he has been banned for life.

Former Playboy Model, Christa McKenna Now A Begger On The Street

The security men had told him he was “too good” at the game and then politely asked him to leave, however, he can play other games at the casino but not blackjack.
A source said: ” The hotel was really nice about it and told him he could play other games. They ended up getting him and Jennifer a car back to their hotel too.”

Former Playboy Model, Christa McKenna Now A Begger On The Street

We spotted the once world famous contortionist Christa McKenna, who had made a lot of TV appearances,called the ‘Spider Lady‘ and also a former Playboy model is not homeless and begging on the street, she is 60 and making use of her mind-boggling flexibility to raise cash, she is quite desperate and her story has become a riches to rag story.

Cynthia Morgan: I am Not Trying To Be A Nicki Minaj Or Lady Gaga

Christa begs on the corner of Wealthy St. using the flexible limbs that once made her a star.
Christa was well known for her appearance on ‘The Gong Show’ in 1979, where she wowed audience by tying her body in knots but she also appeared in Playboy magazine.

Pope Francis  Meets Receives Gifts From Benitez and Montella

Since then, the aged entertainer has fallen on tough times – having gone from gracing the pages of Playboy to begging on the streets of Michigan.
Holding a sign saying “60 years old: need a job, God and you – please help me”, Christa – who suffers from scoliosis and stenosis – says she is lucky to get $7 a day.
Speaking to MLive, she said: “I just don’t know how I got to be this way.”

Cynthia Morgan: I am Not Trying To Be A Nicki Minaj Or Lady Gaga

Some girls do tattoos of love, rose or even names  but not Cynthia Morgan, she decided to be different with that daring picture of a gun, she is trying to create the Cynthia Morgan trend which is all about being different, and she is doing that, from her music which is different to her attire, she is proving to be one brand that cannot be mistaken to another artiste.

Pope Francis  Meets Receives Gifts From Benitez and Montella

Cynthia said: “…You can see that I am different because it is distinct. I am not trying to be a Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or Lady Gaga; I am Cynthia Morgan. I am trying to be sexy and at the same time be like the girl next door, a brand that people can relate with.’
She used to a tomboy while growing up until some years back when she changed and stopped being a tomboy and had to wear female clothes.
Timi Dakolo And Wife, Busola Covers Gem Woman Magazine

“I think staying with my cousins changed me. They were very feminine. I did not change till I got signed to my first record label, before I got signed to Jude Okoye. The owner of the record label used to tell me that I have everything as a girl; the height and good looks and I should consider dressing like a girl. I tried it out, started looking like a girl and I must confess I really like being a girl. I cannot consider being a tomboy again. I could look like one while going to the studio because I would like to be free and be in my element. I could wear bathroom slippers to the studio because being free helps my creative process…”

Friday, 2 May 2014

John Dumelo Accuses Ghanaian Media Of Setting Him Up With Leila Djansi

John Dumelo is denying that he has endorsed Shirley Frimpong-Manso over Leila Djansi, few weeks back, Leila must be wondering why John has taken side with Shirley when the news came to us that she is not John’s favourite, the actor who has never been able to run from controversies is blaming the Ghanaian media for setting him up in this unnecessary fight with Leila over the comments that he was alleged to have made.

Dilish Matthews: Flavour And I Are Just Friends

It was during the premiere of Shirley’s ‘Love Or Something Like That’ movie that John was heard saying, “There is Hollywood, there is Bollywood and then there is Shirley Frimpong-Manso making Africa proud.”

Keke Palmer : Sex Is Not My Priority

John said that it was the media who decided to twist this statement around and what he said gas nothing to do with endorsement of any producer
“If I shoot a movie for any production house or any director and it’s a good film, I say it with confidence. My statement has nothing to do with endorsing any filmmaker over the other,” John explained.
“How many times haven’t I praised filmmakers doing great jobs in Africa? So, if I praise someone and the media decides to compare it to a particular personality to suit their medium, I will just reserve my comments,” John added.

Dilish Matthews: Flavour And I Are Just Friends

The rumours that Dillish Matthews is dating Flavour can now be put to rest, the babe was in Nigeria recently and was caught up in an interview where she said more than she thought possible, not that she was under duress but she just couldn’t stop talking about how she is running out of time to make babies…No man has been sighted not even Flavour because she says he has a hottie girlfriend she is not willing to struggle with.

Keke Palmer : Sex Is Not My Priority

She loves African music. “After Big Brother, my mind opened and I started listening to South African music, to D’banj and of course to Flavour so when he asked me to feature in his video, I said yes.
As for acting, I’m working on a few things and if they turn out well, I just might explore it too.”
Floyd Mayweather  Separated From Shantel Jackson  Over Abortion

There is not happening between her and Flavour, “Flavour and I are just friends. I mean he’s hot and I’m sure he thinks I’m hot but we’re just okay with being friends. Besides, he hasn’t made any moves like that and I haven’t either.He has a girlfriend and I hear she’s a hottie.
Nigerian and Ghanaian men, Dillish said that she would either marry any of you guys, it is time to start making your moves because she thinks you guys are very attractive