Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cynthia Morgan: I am Not Trying To Be A Nicki Minaj Or Lady Gaga

Some girls do tattoos of love, rose or even names  but not Cynthia Morgan, she decided to be different with that daring picture of a gun, she is trying to create the Cynthia Morgan trend which is all about being different, and she is doing that, from her music which is different to her attire, she is proving to be one brand that cannot be mistaken to another artiste.

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Cynthia said: “…You can see that I am different because it is distinct. I am not trying to be a Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or Lady Gaga; I am Cynthia Morgan. I am trying to be sexy and at the same time be like the girl next door, a brand that people can relate with.’
She used to a tomboy while growing up until some years back when she changed and stopped being a tomboy and had to wear female clothes.
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“I think staying with my cousins changed me. They were very feminine. I did not change till I got signed to my first record label, before I got signed to Jude Okoye. The owner of the record label used to tell me that I have everything as a girl; the height and good looks and I should consider dressing like a girl. I tried it out, started looking like a girl and I must confess I really like being a girl. I cannot consider being a tomboy again. I could look like one while going to the studio because I would like to be free and be in my element. I could wear bathroom slippers to the studio because being free helps my creative process…”

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