Tuesday, 20 May 2014

African China Prays For Nigeria To Split

African China has visited the land of controversies recently and it looks like he is enjoying his time there, apart from the fact that he has slammed some Nigerian artistes for not doing a song against Boko Haram and now , he is facing the government and claims that the government is jeopardizing the image of Nigeria with the type of laws that they are operating with, the government is not being fair to people it is ruling, he saod They are not telling the people the truth. Before they tell us it is cabal, but now, we don’t hear about the cabal. What we hear now is Boko Haram, he explains.

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He asked, “Do you know why Jonathan is concern now, it’s because celebrities from outside countries are now the people campaigning that’s why. If you play the song, they will tell you don’t play the song on air. They are jeopardizing the image of this country, which country? If the country is not good, it’s not good. Let’s call a spade a spade. What is not good, it is not good. “
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He concluded “If you no do good, we should say it. What happened in Egypt, Syria, Libya? You are ruling these people and they pay taxes. Where is Michelin company today? They are now in Ghana. How big is Ghana to compare to Lagos not to talk of Nigeria. This country is fu*ked, I think it’s high time we split.”

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