Friday, 9 May 2014

Pharrell Williams Admits Hanging Up On Michael Jackson

You may  not believe this but Pharrell Williams has revealed that he had  hung up on Michael Jackson twice, he had believed that he was prank caller, he said this on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pharrell who was working with Justin Timberlake on his debut solo album then when Michael called him and he just couldn’t believe it, it must have been a prank he suspected.

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Pharrell said : “We’re in the studio and they’re like there’s a call for you on line one, I pick up ‘Who is this?’ ‘It’s Michael Jackson.’ ‘What?!’ Click! Second time, ‘Pharrell, it’s Michael Jackson‘. I’m like, ‘Come on, we don’t have time for this, we’re right in the middle of a song. Come on dude.’

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“Third time, ‘It’s really Michael Jackson‘. So I pick up the phone and he’s like ‘Hello, how are you? It’s Michael,’ Crunch crunch crunch – eating popcorn in my ear and that’s when I knew it was him!”
And when he realized that it was actually Michael, he had tried to make amends and he gushed: “‘I’m such a huge fan,’ and he’s like ‘How’s it going with Justin, is he good?’ and when Pharrell replied “Yes sir,” Michael  said, “That’s good, that’s amazing. Cool. Well, have a good time, see you later.”
He exclaimed: “That was the king, the king eating popcorn in my ear!”

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