Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nuala McKeever Supported Fully By The Gay Community

One of Northern Ireland’s popular comedienne Nuala McKeever, who lost her partner,  Mike Moloney last year has found love in a lady, she is supported fully by the gay community for taking the path of the same sex affair , Nuala is known for being a champion of gay rights and marriage equality, last week she spoke:

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“To whom it may concern or delight, I have just recently started a relationship with a woman.I know there are many serious issues going on in the world and the affairs of one or two individuals in a town this size don’t amount to a hill of borrowed beans, but it seems important to me to make some declaration out loud.”
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And support is pouring in for her: “”One of the biggest issues impacting on our community is invisibility. People like Nuala being open about their sexual orientation and being proud of who they are will help others accept and celebrate who they are.
“It is great to see another female non-heterosexual role model in Northern Ireland, particularly one as talented and articulate as Nuala McKeever.
“Nuala has been a lifetime supporter and advocate for LGBT issues and through her personal story has demonstrated how love knows no gender. I wish Nuala and her partner every happiness in the future.”

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