Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lanre Nzeribe has been dubbed the demon and villain while Monalisa Chinda is the victim in that relationship that has crumbled, Grace Amada had said, the lady who has exposed Monalisa today with stories of her woes and infidelity, she said that appearance can deceptive when it comes to Monalisa because she is the opposite of what we all thought…This means we would be hearing more from Monalisa when she reads this.

Monalisa Chinda- Lanre Nzeribe Is Only A Friend And I Won’t Say More Than That

Grace said: “Like I stated earlier I know both parties’ good and bad side so I won’t make any party look good or spread lies. Yes we all know Lanre Nzeribe to be a ladies’ man, a man every woman wants to be around but that doesn’t make him a criminal or different from the regular man out there…When this love affair started so many people warned Lanre about Lisa me inclusive, they told him to just walk away, all her numerous escapades that he read online were enough for him to walk away but he didn’t”
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She talked about Monalisa: “Her insatiable desire for the good life on a fast lane will never make Lisa sit down and settle down. Her greed for fancy things, small boys, married men and money will never make Lisa stay faithful. She would do anything to stay relevant and I mean ANYTHING.”
Lanre had hired a private investigator to follow Monalisa to London: “Lisa was in a hotel in London sleeping with a white man, and this was supposed to be a business trip o. This broke Lanre into pieces he couldn’t trust her any longer.”
Finally, Grace said: “Lisa didn’t like hard work, she preferred easy money, one where she opens her leg and get money speedily.

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