Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Terry G Denies The Famous Public Brawl He Was Involved

Days back the embarrassing report that a Peace Ambassador, Terry G was involved in a public brawl wasn’t a good news to hear, he had shocked thousands of his fans when this news came up and this is the reason why , the ‘Akpako Master’ has come out to deny this story, Yes he does crazy hit songs he said, people said he is a crazy guy and he can do anything on earth to make money but he doesn’t believe he can put his career on line and fight in the public.

Terry G- Madness Made Me Rich And Famous

He writes: “I am not writing to convince anyone. Every lovely Nigerian is entitled to their own personal opinion. I might have a thick skin as a celebrity but I am also human. I have blood flowing in me and not engine oil. It’s only natural to feel bad when such stories are not true. Is it wrong for me to settle a misunderstanding between two parties without waking up in the morning to see such headlies and (not headlines)? Will I at this point swim at a public hotel without paying?
Emma Nyra Denies Dating Iyanya, Accepts Crush On Terry G
“My darling Nigeria bloggers, you have played a positive role in my career right from my R & B days to this day. Please, always try, not only on my behalf, but to my other colleagues to confirm any story from both parties before publishing. My energy is for entertaining my fans worldwide and not for street brawls. Life is for the living. Make the best of every moment…”

Dr Sid & Fiancée Simi Osomo To Marry This July

Dr Sid has decided to get married as soon as possible with his  fiancée Simi Osomo,  with Tiwa Savage and her hubby Tee Billz’ Balogun  getting married Dubai last weekend,  Dr Sid had  announced that his wedding would come up in July, while we are celebrating this news,  the  boss of Mavin Records Don Jazzy is in already making headlines with his alleged secret sizzling romance with Freda Francis.

Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas Separated

We have had rumours that the Don was dating  one of Atiku Abubakar’s daughters  not until Freda appeared and when he showed off her wardrobe collectibles on Instagram, we had to poke nose because he only referred to her as a friend.
During Tiwa’s wedding, we saw them in Dubai, on the red carpet, they were so hot that they couldn’t let go of themselves, to push us to wonder what he was up to, he had posted the photo of himself on bed with a mystery lady whom he didn’t show her face, but only her legs.

Unbelievable!!! Psquare  Played The Media With Alleged Fight, Linda Ikeji Blamed

He then wrote, “dear future wife, you could have been in bed with me now but you probably bust turning up somewhere in the world. oya hurry up and find me as it seems av lost my compass ”
Who are we expecting, Don?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lupita Nyong’o Gets Slammed By A Nigerian Lady, Jessica Henshaw

Lupita Nyong’o has been hit again by another lady who believes she is talking too much about bleaching, this time, it is not Dencia who would not like to see Lupita eye to eye this time but Jessica Henshaw, the daughter of Pastor Chris Okotie‘s estranged wife, Stephanie Henshaw, Lupita who was crowned the world’s most beautiful woman according to People, last week had condemned bleaching products when she made her speech.

Suheil Ahmed, A  Surgeon Who Transformed Hospital Ward To A Porn Studio

Jessica doesn’t like this speech at all, and she has this to tell Lupita “A lot of women just have very low self esteem. It’s not about being light or dark skinned even a man who likes light skinned girls wouldn’t date a zombie looking light skinned girl just because she is light skinned which mean we all recognize real beauty no matter the shade it comes in. If you choose to be dark skinned please be dark skinned and happy with it and stop criticizing people for lightening their skin to make yourself feel better.
..Tone your skin, in fact bleach it if you want the consequences are on you. If you choose to be dark skinned that’s also on you. In my opinion a lot of women who vent at light skinned people only do it because they are insecure if not they would just mind their business and focus on other world threatening issues.
Wrong Body Languages In A Date

How many Nigerians die from skin cancer anyway with all the noise people make about it? I like Lupita and I think she’s gorgeous but I think she should just shut up with the skin color issue and stop acting so crude. It’s a civilized era black people should make better speeches without talking about race and akin tone. A lot of dark skinned women have broken grounds right from time.”

Suheil Ahmed, A Surgeon Who Transformed Hospital Ward To A Porn Studio

Suheil Ahmed, a trainee surgeon took over 100 photographs of women while carrying out intimate examinations of women at Torbay Hospital in Devon, he would sectioned off their beds from the rest of the ward, before touching his victims as he removed their clothing to allow himself a better view, he would tell his victims who were mostly in their 20s that he was making use of a mobile phone to time  their heart rate or breathing.

Wrong Body Languages In A Date

His license has been taken from him after it was discovered that a hospital ward was transformed into a  secret porn studio. He also installed a secret camera in a house owned by his family to film students using the toilet, two women who had complained had forced the police to investigate the matter and they found 110 images of patients uploaded to his home personal computer along with footage from a secret camera installed in a property belonging to his family.
So Sad!!! Nollywood Icon Amaka Igwe Is Dead

He initially denied any wrongdoing, claiming he had taken the pictures for his medical portfolio, but finally, admitted 11 counts of voyeurism and two counts of sexual assault by touching when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.
He was jailed for 18 months last October later increased to 30 months after the Court of Appeal found the sentence was ‘unduly lenient’.

So Sad!!! Nollywood Icon Amaka Igwe Is Dead

It is with a heavy heart we bring announce that  Nigerian film-maker and Nollywood icon Amaka Igwe has shockingly passed on at the age of 51, she died in Enugu in the company of her husband  where they went for a pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap,  she is survived by her husband of 21 years Charles Igwe, three children, an aged mother, siblings and a large extended family.

Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom Reportedly Dating

‘She suffered an asthma attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital after initial interventions had failed. She passed on before getting to the hospital’, a statement issued this morning read.
Her last outing was on April 26th at the inaugural edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference at the Grand Ball Room of Eko Hotels and Suites, she was a keynote speakerand spoke on  ‘Reflections from an unapologetic commercial Nollywood filmmaker’.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West To Get Married In Los Angeles Next Week
Amaka was  the founder of BoBTV Expo, founder and CEO of Top Radio 90.9FM, Amaka Igwe Studios, and Q Entertainment Networks.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Psquare ‘s Sister, Mary Okoye Engaged, 2Face On A Movie Set

Last week, the Okoye’s family was involved in different dramas, the brothers reconciled amid rumours of breakup, Jude got engaged and their younger sister, Mary Okoye is now engaged to Nollywood actor Emma Emordi… We spotted 2face Idibia, Aluwe, Basketmouth and Zack Orji on a movie set titled ‘Head gone’ In Ibadan.

George Clooney  Reportedly Engaged To Amal Alamuddin

Poor, Laide Bakare, she is not sure a happy person at the moment. Remember EFCC and MTN dragged her husband, Alhaji Atanda Orilowo to court when he couldn’t account for the money given to him to get acres of land for the construction of Y’ELLOW Estate, for MTN worker, their house has been seized .
It is double celebration for the family of D’banj, his younger sister, Taiwo and hubby, Dotun welcome baby girl, she will be the second grandchild D’banj’s parents will welcome into the family just in a space of few weeks. Remember K-Switch also welcomed a baby girl few weeks ago.

One Direction Are Not Separating Amid Rumours
chika ike
Harrysong who released a statement denying he ever granted an interview where he revealed his parents were brother and sister, cannot be denied any longer, Yes! Magazine has proved he is actually born by incest because he said so…Chika Ike spent Easter with less privileged kids on the street. She gave the kids packs of cooked foods, snacks and drinks and also gave the mothers some provisions and food items for the kids.
After the wedding of Tiwa Savage, Banky W was seen playing with a dolphin in Dubai, he has proven it is not all sitting in the studio, fun time cannot be replaced.

Rihanna Wants Kids With Drake

Rihanna and Drake affair are getting heated with RiRi reportedly ready to start making babies with him, they started dating in 2009, broke up and now reconciled, she is already thinking along that line of starting something very serious, it when she broke up with Chris  Brown after he assaulted her in 2009, shortly before she first struck up a relationship with Drake.

George Clooney  Reportedly Engaged To Amal Alamuddin

“She feels like she’s been working nonstop and wants to step away for a while. Rihanna‘s also been talking about marrying Drake, but most of all she wants his baby,” a source told British magazine Now. “They could end up having a shotgun wedding.

One Direction Are Not Separating Amid Rumours

“She’s seen her friends have kids and fees like she’s missing out. She really wanted a baby when things were good with Chris Brown, but their relationship was too volatile. Everything’s much more settled now that she’s with Drake.”
“Even when she reunited with Chris and dated Matt Kemp, Drake was always in the background. Their bond’s very strong,” the source added. The way she’s feeling right now, she may even have a baby bump when she goes on stage.”
It is only time would tell if things would end up as family with kids or they would drift apart

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nneka Egbuna Was Once Arrested For Singing Fela Inspired Song

Nneka Egbuna got fired as a sales girl years back and to finance her studies she started looking for a job, and ended up getting a deal with Sony Music after she presented them with four of her songs and organizing a show to prove that she is good,  before then, she had never thought she was going to be a musician , let alone winning an award. She  didn’t see myself as somebody who had a good voice.The likes of Omawunmi  were the ones with good voices. They were in the school choir and they always admired them and their courage, not her.

Cynthia Morgan: If A Fan Bullies Me, I Bully Back…

Nneka said  “I was always laid back and I would sit quietly at a corner. I never wanted to be the centre of attraction. I had to eventually tell myself that, ‘Nneka, it’s okay to sing.’ I told myself it was okay to earn money.”  And when she started her music career, she became a trouble to some quarters in Nigeria.

Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho Photos  In A Murder Case Trial

She narrates one of her ugly experiences as an artiste: “I performed in Port Harcourt some-time ago during the Niger Delta Peace concert and officials of the State Security Service got me arrested. I performed my song, VIP, which was inspired by the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. VIP means Vagabonds in Power. The song is about the oppression in the Niger Delta. I made the audience sing along with me during that performance. The politicians didn’t find the song funny. They sent the SSS to arrest me. I don’t know how but we eventually got out of it.”

Cynthia Morgan: If A Fan Bullies Me, I Bully Back…

Cynthia Morgan got her heartbroken once upon a time, little wonder her song ‘Don’t break my heart’ is such a hit,  recently we have seen that raunchy and wild side of her, do we need to ask if she can go nude during any music video? Even if we don’t think along that line it is something that is very possible in the nearby future in the career of Cynthia, we may not expect her  to go like Miley Cyrus but she got that creativity to stand out soon as the next happening artiste, that is with the support of her boss, Jude Okoye.

Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho Photos  In A Murder Case Trial

There have been lots of attention on her skin which was alleged to be as a result of Dencia Whitenicious but she denied ever using it, and for the man after her heart,  “he has to be rich. There just has to be a connection between the both of us .He has to be fond of me, we have to be    compatible. He  has to have a good sense of humour and must be presentable.” Cynthia said.

Cristiano Ronaldo Keen To Act In Hollywood

We know she was once a tomboy, and she is not even scared of cyber bully, “If a fan bullies me, I bully back if I am in the mood. If you go through my Twitter page   and you tell me what I do is crap , I will be like:’ Is that why we are here?…If you bully me, I bully back. That’s how it is. There are some people who go online trying to just make  you feel bad about yourself and about your music but as an artiste, you just have to be very prepared .It happens all over the world even in America. I am a bully too. You bully me, if I am in the mood, I bully you back. That’s how it works.

Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho Photos In A Murder Case Trial

Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho pictures have to save three accused men from getting axed by the law,  the year was  2006 in Barcelona when these men who are mafias; Rito Calzone, Carmine Amato and Carmine Pagano who are the accused in the murder of rival mobster Carmine Amoruso’s murder took pictures with Mourinho and Lampard at the luxury Hotel Arts in Barcelona during a  Champions League clash.

Cristiano Ronaldo Keen To Act In Hollywood
These men are from the Amato-Pagano crime family who has been waging war against rivals for control of drug markets in Naples,  which is  the home to the local mafia known as the Camorra, the lawyers of these accused have also produced plane tickets and hotel bills as proof for the trio’s alibis and staff from the hotel.jose mourinho
Chelsea and Spurs stars put rivalries to one side for David Luiz‘s birthday bash on Wednesday night.
Tottenham duo Heurelho Gomes and Paulinho got together with fellow Brazilians Oscar, Ramires and Willian for the defender’s party.

Viola Davis: I Would Jump In Trash Bins Looking For Food
Luiz turned 27 on Tuesday but had to put any celebrations on hold as Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final clash with Atletico Madrid in Spain fell on the same evening.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Terry G Makes News Again: Caught Beating A Hotel Manager

Since the birth of Terry G’s son, Amaniyi Rex, he has become a changed man who has shunned all vices of trouble and violence, this is the reason why we are shocked to hear that the artiste got involved in a brawl in a hotel lately, Terry G and his boys had visited this hotel for relaxation, one of his boys had entered into the swimming pool without paying and when the hangout’s attendants asked for money, the boy ignored the demand.

Hurrah!!! Psquare Are Back  After Reconciliation

This has resulted in dragging the boy out of the pool and this really angered the other boys with Terry G and they reacted resulting in a free for all fight and Terry G suddenly lost his cool, he started insulting the hotel manager, and he got really mad.

Efyra To Sing At World Music Awards, 50 Cent Hit With $5 million Defamation Lawsuit

According to a close source“When Terry G and his crew arrived the hotel around 6p.m., one of his boys just jumped into the pool without paying. The security guard called him to come out but he refused. Even the owner of the hotel, Mr. George Obot, shouted at him but he refused. Terry G further messed up the whole issue when he started abusing Mr. Obot, telling the man what did he think he has and all sort of things..His boys started beating the  security guards, while Terry G himself slapped the hotel manager who was trying to calm him down.”
At the end of the fight, everywhere was in a mess.

Psquare Are Back After Reconciliation

We are almost crying with tears of joy, the Okoye’s brothers of Psquare are back and stronger, there is no need to worry again about a breakup, they have reconciled and put their differences aside, the rumours were fueled  by Jude Okoye  who tweeted he was ‘done’ after working for 10 years, suggesting that the twins might end their decade run of making music, and days after, the internet had a lot of theories about the brothers…One thing was a fact, the brothers have had a terrible time lately.

Efyra To Sing At World Music Awards, 50 Cent Hit With $5 million Defamation Lawsuit

Family is everything indeed, Jude has said while the twins tweeted  support for Psquare…Now that their problems are put behind, we should be talking about their love life, Peter and Paul are traditionally married and Jude just got engaged, meaning we have three grand weddings to look at.

Luis Suarez  In Pepsi Commercial, Ozil Poses With Best friend

Fans around the world can now wait for another album, this time we should be expecting them to sing about love and unity, Lola , the wife of Peter can now heave with relief after the many accusations that she has gotten lately since she got married to Peter.
Anita is cool as cucumber all this while and doing her prayers for the family, God has answered her prayers and brought her best friends back as brothers.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Welcomes Baby Boy

Olivia Wilde and fiance Jason Sudeikis have welcome a baby boy on April 23rd , named Otis Alexander Sudeikis, Otis was  predicted to be born on Star Wars Day, May 4,  but he couldn’t wait that long and arrived almost two weeks early, Olivia posted picture of  Otis snuggling up against his mother on her Twitter page , with the caption: “Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT the building! (I’m the building).”

Meet Eva Carneiro- Chelsea First Team Doctor
Olivia and Jason began dating in 2011 and got engaged in January 2013. She recently said of their wedding: “It’s certainly not something I feel pressured to do before we have the baby. I’m such a believer in marriage and I think of him as my husband anyway.”

Wayne Rooney, Phil Jones & Rafael Caught Playing Gold After Moyes Sack
Justin Timberlake  has showed he is really rich when he left a tip of £2,450  at a club in the German city of Cologne after being invited by the owner who said that drinks were on the house…Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson are reportedly in talks to join The Jungle Book, Idris Elba has already been cast in the movie, voicing Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger. Lupita is in final negotiations for Raksha, the mother wolf who adopts the young boy Mowgli.
Scarlett is in the early stages of talks to voice the hypnotising python Kaa, and the movie is made by Disney and directed by Jon Favreau, is due out in October 2015.

Meet Eva Carneiro- Chelsea First Team Doctor

Eva Carneiro is Chelsea first-team doctor, studied medicine at Nottingham University before working in emergency surgery in the Highlands. She studied in Australia, did an MSc in London and a thesis at West Ham, lots of degree to give an edge to work at the British Olympic Medical Institute, helping athletes at the Beijing Olympics, and with the England Women’s football team. She joined the Blues in 2009 as reserve-team doctor  before coming fully as the first team doctor in 2011.

Wayne Rooney, Phil Jones & Rafael Caught Playing Gold After Moyes Sack

She fell in love with football while travelling in Mexico, having watched a match between Mexico and Brazil during the 1998 France World Cup and  shewas hooked, she could have been a good sports lady but got a lot of injuries.
‘It made me think there had to be more than rest to treatment of injuries and this sparked my evolving fascination with sports medicine,’ she said in 2009.

Benny Festus- An Artiste Who Has Transformed Himself From A Rat Infested Studio To Stardom
She is a huge fan of Real Madrid…She also likes to surf, something she learnt in Australia.
‘Those moments on the surf in the early mornings and evenings I can honestly count among the happiest in my life,’ she said.

Wayne Rooney, Phil Jones & Rafael Caught Playing Gold After Moyes Sack

There was no need to commiserate the departure of the fallen former manager of Manchester United, David Moyes by some of his team players, instead of thinking of what else to do some of the players went out playing golf, these senior players include Wayne Rooney, Phil Jones and defender Rafael  who took to their local golf course in Dunham, South Manchester.

David Moyes Sacked After 295 Days And 51 Matches

They should have invited Moyes who was free to play the game that has no business to deal with the legs but hands, interestingly, Moyes who left the club thanked the fans, the club’s staff and Sir Alex Ferguson for their support during his time at United but significantly did NOT thank the players.

David Moyes Drags Team And Wives For Charity Dinner

That statement fuelled rumours of serious unrest within the United dressing room with reports that several senior players had lost respect for the manager during United’s worst ever Premier League campaign.
Moyes‘ authority was questioned on several occasions with some players said to have taken bets on when the manager would be sacked while his coaching techniques were mocked and stories were leaked from the dressing room, little wonder no significant progress was made during his tenure

Benny Festus- An Artiste Who Has Transformed Himself From A Rat Infested Studio To Stardom

We hear a lot of stories of artistes who started as studio errand boys to becoming successful, Benny Festus may walk past you without striking a chord  but give him a mic and a stage, you would start dancing without knowing it, born in Ibadan and had a better part of his life in Lagos had prepared him as a musician who started singing in front of one or two people as a kid, and currently residing in the Eastern part of Nigeria, his music have become fused with Ibo and Yoruba making him exception in his creativity.

Oprah Winfrey’s Angry Stepmom Embarrasses Her With Secrets

In a country, where a lot of  people believe in struggle and hardship, Benny changed the mindset of his fans when he sang ‘Number One’, a song that has literally become a National Anthem even among the  market women…He has shared the stage with superstars like Sinach, Ebem, Chris Shalom, Deacon Dan and many others.

Actress Jodie Foster Marries Her Girlfriend, Alexandra Hedison

We caught up with him during one of his performance and were mesmerized with his energetic life on stage.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Moyes Sacked After 295 Days And 51 Matches

David Moyes has been sacked by Manchester United with immediate effect, this s  coming with the Chief executive Ed Woodward  meeting Moyes this morning with the news. Moyes had already been informed of his fate and thanked club staff at the training complex in anticipation of his departure. The players were not present at the time. David Moyes took over on July 1, lasting just 295 days and 51 matches.

Cynthia Bailey Suffers Nip Slip During Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams Fight

Moyes has been sacked having not even completed one year of a six-year contract and will receive a hefty compensation package. The Scot, on a day off on Monday, is understood to have been hurt and angry after learning of his fate on newspaper websites.
A tweet on the club’s official Twitter account read: ‘BREAKING: Manchester United announces that David Moyes has left the club. The club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.’
Ryan Giggs will take temporary charge for the rest of the season as interim manager.  It emerged on Monday that United’s owners, the Glazer family, had lost patience with Moyes after a dismal season that has seen the reigning Barclays Premier League champions slump to seventh in the table.

Daniel Radcliffe Comes Public With His Girlfriend After Two Years

The final straw was Sunday’s 2-0 defeat at Everton, their 11th in the Barclays Premier League this season, and a result that left the title holders 13 points off the Champions League places.
Jurgen Klopp, the fan’s favourite for the job, will NOT be in the running, according to the Guardian.He told the news provider: “Man Utd is a great club and I feel very familiar with their wonderful fans.But my commitment to Borussia Dortmund and the people is not breakable.”
Time to look elsewhere, then.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Daring Student Asks Miss America Out For Date And Ended Up Suspended In School

He is 18 years old and very daring, Patrick Farves was warned alongside every student in Central High School to be on their best character during the visit of reigning Miss America Nina Davuluri visit to the school, the students were to show the lady that they were one of the best set of American students but that was never coming to happen…Patrick got a lot of tricks up his sleeves.
Armed dangerously with weapons of humiliation to his school, Patrick quickly brought out a plastic flower, clambered on the stage as Ms Davuluri’s spoke at an assembly and asked her if she would be his date for the school’s forthcoming prom.

Michael Jackson Secret Ladies Exposed By Bodyguards

There was a lot of cheers and whoops from his classmates when he was waiting for his answer but the beauty queen politely declined his offer and instead got a three day suspension from the school.
‘They (administrators) did that because theytold me not to but I did it anyway,” Farves responded on Twitter to a question from a reporter. ‘They did what they had to.’

Ama Misa Met Oprah Winfrey,Miss Nigeria Gets Nollywood Role

It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision for Farves. He had joked with friends about doing it when he heard Miss America was coming to the school, according to the York Dispatch. And as the day got closer, he was asked increasingly if he was going to go through with it.
School administrators caught wind of Farves’ plan, and one staff member pulled him aside before the assembly and told him it would be inappropriate to ask Davuluri out.

Michael Jackson Secret Ladies Exposed By Bodyguards

More secrets are coming out from the hidden chambers of the late Michael Jackson, this time his bodyguards are the ones talking about things we never know about Michael, Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield are talking about a mysterious Eastern European lady friend that Michael couldn’t help hugging and kissing in the back of his chauffeur-driven car.

Ama Misa Met Oprah Winfrey,Miss Nigeria Gets Nollywood Role

These bodyguards has written a book titled ‘Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days,’, the tell it all book spoke of how Michael would allegedly visit her at night at a nearby Hampton Inn, after his kids went to bed, this lady was simply referred to a ‘friend’

Mick Jagger Moves To Favourite Island of Dead Girlfriend

michael jackson1
Michael also had another female visitor nicknamed ‘Flower,’ ‘Flower’ visited a few days after ‘Friend’ and while she and the pop star were close, Jackson was more fond of ‘Friend,’ Whitfield claims. It was always a big deal whenever ‘friend’ was around because everything must be perfect and comfortable for her. The book also referred to Michael as a strict father who ensured that his kids were discipline.
However, these guys were often owed for months and more secrets were let out in this book that will be published this June.

Ama Misa Met Oprah Winfrey,Miss Nigeria Gets Nollywood Role

It happens once in a lifetime and when such dreams begins, there is going to be no end to it, Ama Misa the daughter of Ghanaian actor Kwaku Sintim recently met Opera Winfrey few days ago at a show dubbed “Queen of All Media” where she gave a talk…She is only 21 but DJ Cuppy has been named  a Tourism Ambassador for Nigeria, not many Nigerians are happy with this news, another of such dreams.

Mick Jagger Moves To Favourite Island of Dead Girlfriend
From dreams to confusion, the Okoye brothers of Psquare has made the week hot and suspenseful, facts are still emerging that breakup maybe on the way, time will tell if the twins will survive this turbulent moment of their time.
terry gTerry G, and two other Nigerian super-producers D’Tunes and ID Cabasa, have partnered with producers of a new Talent Hunt Show called Naija Street Champ, the talent hunt is an open-mic competition that allows young people freestyle to a beat as auditions tour Lagos’ major neighbourhood.

Peaches Geldof Family Ready For Her Funeral On Easter Monday

Dear me, Anna Ebiere Banner has  become a Nollywood actress,  she got a major role in Superstory upcoming season titled “Too Blind To See”. Etcetera  had slammed  Don Jazzy, D’banj, Onyeka Onwenu, others over Nyanya bomb blast, he believes these artistes are not doing enough with their influences when they are with politicians.
Charley boy is on the news again, he has been a head turner, starting from his outlandish outfits to his multiple piercings, he wants fans to know that he may be bald but he is never ashamed of anything…There is no lady in the life of Harrysong currently, all work with ladies can make Harrysong rust in relationship, what do you think? He should better hook up soon.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Prince William Described Kate Middleton As Banana

We are not committing treason, but being careful before our heads go spikes and ravens feast on our eyes…We can’t stop laughing but Prince William said that his wife, Kate Middleton looked like a banana when she stepped out in a ) bright yellow Roksanda Ilincic dress during their yesterday’s trip  to Sydney Opera House. The yellow colour of that dress…

Didier Drogba Dares Ladies With His Underwear Pose For Charity

The Duchess said when someone complemented her outfit , “William said I look like a banana.” Ahh…This is not the first time that  the Royal couple have had disagreements with Kate’s choice of outfit, with Wills apparently telling Kate that the green Erdam coat was a “bit bright”.

Godwin Tom-Wizkid, I am Loyal And Patient, Not Stupid…

What have you done Drake? He is been sued by the estate of late jazz musician Jimmy Smith over a spoken word introduction allegedly used in one of his songs without permission. Smith died in 2005 at age 79 but his estate in the lawsuit said no permission was granted for use of the Smith clip and nobody asked to use it, and was seeking more than $300,000 in damages. Not a good one for the artiste whose romance with Rihanna has become something that everyone is looking at. None of us want to see Rihanna get heartbroken by any man not even Drake

Godwin Tom-Wizkid, I am Loyal And Patient, Not Stupid…

Hours ago, the news of the breakup between Wizkid and his former manager, Godwin Tom took us by surprise, the real issue of their disagreement over the weekend have not be revealed, actually this dispute started on April 11th after the pair had come back from Dubai where Wizkid had performed at Nigeria’s former president Atiku Abubakar’s, son’s wedding, while we wait for an official clarification of what happened, Godwin is already speaking.

Mo’cheddah- I am Still The Queen Of Pop

“I’m loyal and patient, not stupid…I’m on the move and I can’t look back… No regrets at all! Wasted time, I can’t get that back so every day I go hard. When you sleep in a bed of thorns and roses, you learn to adjust, to stay still, to endure hurt and pain, but most important you learn to appreciate a bed without thorns…there is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough!”

Mo’cheddah- I am Still The Queen Of Pop

Mo’cheddah insists she is still queen of pop,it doesn’t matter how long she had left the music industry, when she left, she had gone with her crown as a self proclaimed queen, these days every artiste is claiming to a king or queen, who then is the follower?  The Osun State born artiste may not be making an empty boast when she says she is the queen,at an early age she had  achieved so much, and have been fortunate enough to achieve things that people dream about.

Broken Penis Syndrome: The Penis Can Break

Mo’cheddah boasts:. “I started singing at 12, I am the youngest artiste in Africa to have received a MAMA Award and a Channel O Award , which I won at 18. Before 20, I had several awards and hundreds of performances under my belt, despite the fact that I was in school (university) then. A graduate of Theatre Art from University of Lagos, I’m a brand ambassador for Soulmate. At a point I decided to take a break after a very hectic work and I said to myself, “you need a break.” I took time off to relax, grow myself and focus on me. I am very proud of all the things I have accomplished.”
Lady Gaga Mad That Her Versace Pictures Were Photoshopped

Now that she is back, she said she is grown and what she likes  about herself now is that her fans have also grown with her. “I have been blessed with a special talent that separates me from everyone else. My mission now is to make my grown fans to experience me because they have been with me for many years. I know better and wiser now, this is a newer me. I am a real woman and you’ll feel that in my songs. I thank God for my life, and I think it is a blessing for me.

Broken Penis Syndrome: The Penis Can Break

This is not one crazy sex myth but a fact, penis injuries are getting common these days,  when this happens, there is a cracking sound, a loss of erection immediately and then an unforgettable cry from the unfortunate owner of the fractured penis. This is what is called a broken penis  syndrome, it is a severe form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears. The tunica albuginea surrounds the corpora cavernosa, specialized spongy tissue in the core of the penis that fills up with blood during an erection. When the tunica albuginea tears, the blood that is normally confined to this space leaks out into other tissues. You get bruising and swelling.
How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

How exactly does penile fracture happen?
Any situation during intercourse when there is thrusting and when the penis, instead of penetrating its normal location, is hitting some solid structure . Usually this occurs during regular vaginal sex with the woman on top, but it can happen in the missionary position or during sexual acrobatics.

How To Impress Your Learned Mother-In –Law

The penis may be ‘bent’ to one side or the other and in major cases, the guy’s  urethra can be damaged, which affects his ability to urinate. This  can happen to any guy since it’s been known to happen during masturbation; thrusting against a pillow and ramming himself into whatever is underneath.
A penis fracture requires urgent medical attention. A penis fracture can usually be diagnosed with a physical exam, and prompt surgical repair is typically recommended. Left untreated, a penis fracture may result in deformity of the penis or the inability to have or maintain an erection -erectile dysfunction. The operation takes about an hour, and most people go home right after. Most can resume sex in about a month (after the wound has healed).

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Miss Universe Ghana Sues Her Pageant Organizers

In 2013, 19-year-old Hanniel Jamin was crowned Miss Universe Ghana, she was to  receive GH¢5,000 worth of wardrobe, a New York Film Academy scholarship, a management and public relations deal, and a year’s gym membership, monthly fees and a trip to the world event in addition to other attractive packages but is yet to get her full package, she had sued organizers of the pageant, Roberta Annan Consulting (RAC) for breach of contract.

D’Banj Furiously Attacked For Failing Below Standard

She was made to sign a document that made it suggest that she had received every package that came with her crown when she was processing her documents to travel to Russia toGhana at the Miss Universe World event.
The organizers has been officially served with the writ sometime last week, during the competition, judges who were there include Leila Lopez, 2011 Miss Universe winner, Yvonne NelsonBenny Blanco; Brian D. Hogan and Veronica Varekova.

Naseeb Abdul Talks About His Collabo With Davido

This is the second time a queen had taken organizers of the Miss Universe Ghana to court over the prize package. The first was Miss Gifty Ofori, Miss Universe Ghana 2012, who took the organizers to court last year after she came out to complain that she did not receive her full prize package.

D’Banj Furiously Attacked For Failing Below Standard

It stings to think that things were not always like this, D’banj has gotten enough of criticism since he left Mo’hit over what some critics believe is dying off in the music industry, once, D’banj was the undisputed king in the entertainment industry, adding to the insult, his  former music manager who has worked with the Kokomaster  in the past, and said : “You know that there is a big problem when a musician begins to be known more for ‘kpo-kpo garri’ and his relationship with Genevieve or some desperate housewife in Atlanta, than for his music.”

D’banj- Don Jazzy Is Producing My Next Album
It is alleged that the kokomaster’s success had an expiry date, it seems. The magic that truly captivated everyone – from designer Giuseppe Zanotti who once sent him a custom-built pair of sneakers, to reality TV star Kenya Moore who allegedly paid $40,000 to have him pose as her boyfriend  is withering away.
D’Banj Creates Koko Garri For Nigerians

dbanjHis recent singles have not been as infectious as their predecessors were and since Oliver Twist, not one has been as big a hit as any of those released in the era of the defunct Mo’Hits, his usually high performance ratings have been inconsistent – there was the lackluster performance in Zimbabwe where he was booed off stage as he ran out of popular songs to perform.
D’banj literally begged to be featured on songs by KCee and up-comer Burna Boy (Emmah and Won Da Mo respectively) to ‘stay relevant’ in the industry. Both acts established themselves as A-list stars in the three years in which Eja Nla bustled back and forth between Nigeria, the UK and the US.
Guess what one critic said “Even though I’ve questioned his relevance as an artiste a lot lately, I realize that we Nigerian listeners love ‘unserious’ music and D’banj is just that. He is no conscious artiste trying to save the world through music, so for that reason, he’ll probably last – if he has the right team behind him”.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Romario Calls Pele An Imbecile

Since 1994, there have been this malice that is brewing between  two legendary and iconic Brazilians, Romario and Pele, Romario had said that  ‘The King’ should remain silent as he does not know what he is talking about, what could have led to this trouble between this pair? Romario has called Pele an “imbecile” in the latest escalation of the war of words between the two Brazilian legends.

Chika Ike Engaged? Sean Tizzle To Act A Movie,Wizkid Hits Critics Hard

In 2007,Romario branded Pele ‘a poet, and Pele alluded to the quote to hit back saying: ‘There are lots of people who don’t really know what they want and simply attack the past. But I’m a Catholic and I believe that God always forgiven the ignorant, so I forgive the ignorant.’

Should I Give My Husband Fish Poison?

Romario couldn’t resist a counter-strike but have spoken again: ‘Yesterday, Pele responded to my famous quote, “Quiet, Pele is a poet”. It is a commonly used phrase, after all, he’s always giving reason for it to be used.
‘The last foolish thing he said was that Corinthians should be used as the base to the Selecao. He asked for it, didn’t he?
‘A few pieces of information about this gentleman… First of all, the base of the team he suggested to the Selecao got the biggest boo of their history. And deservedly so, because they were awful. Secondly, he said he’s a big Catholic. I don’t think he’s such a Catholic. If he was, he would’ve recognised his daughter and gone to her funeral. Aside from a poet, he’s also an imbecile.’

Chika Ike Engaged? Sean Tizzle To Act A Movie,Wizkid Hits Critics Hard

Chika Ike has not told us she is getting married and she is displaying a massive beautiful  ring as a gift from her boyfriend, we are not sure if it is engagement ring but if it is not, we wonder how her engagement will look like… It is no longer going to be Kcee of Limpopo any longer, words on the street is  Presh of former music duo Kc Presh is now signed to Erik Manny Records, a deal worth millions of naira and came with  a 2014 Prado Jeep and a 2013 Infiniti Qx 56.

Should I Give My Husband Fish Poison?

Wizkid decided to hit at his haters who had criticized him for flaunting his wealth and making some of his fans look like church rats,  however, Wizzy is making it clear he knows where he came from so he doesn’t care what anyone got to say about him. Few weeks after the exclusive traditional marriage between Paul Okoye and Anita Isama, they have something to celebrate again, it was the one year birthday of their son  and it was celebrated in small and luxury way.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Clarion Chukwurah- A Member Of the Church of Scientology?

The controversial Church of Scientology has come heavily under attack in recent years, it fills its coffers with millions of dollars in donations from A-list celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta and has been blamed for lots of woes and even blamed for not saving the life of Peaches Geldof who died thi week, in Africa we hardly hear people talk about this church or been a member, Clarion Chukwurah has worked with this church for years and we are wondering if she is a member… Clarion was  away from November 2011 till end of April 2013 working on Taking the Initiative International in Kenya and in Los Angeles with the Church of Scientology.

John Travolta Was Strictly Monitored By Scientology For Two Years When His Son Died

We leave the statement there, the actress who is turning 50 in few months  is still daring and believes there s no role he wouldn’t play at her age even if it is a nude role, she however said that it depends on the context of the nudity, she has written a book titled ‘The Enigma’ that talks about her life, pregnancy and her men which is coming out in December.

Ice Prince Is Not Getting Married Anytime Soon…We Hide Our Wedding Bells

Life for Ice Prince has been in different forms, he wasn’t born poor or rich, just in between the two status, he lost his dad in 1999 and in 2011, he lost his mum, things were not rosy because he was sent out of school because he was unable to pay his school fees. He had always wanted to  a doctor, a lawyer and a soldier as a young chap. But music  started in secondary school in the late 90s. He was seen  performing at social events, at school and he would mimic 2Pac and B.I.G songs, and that’s when he fell in love with rap. A few years later, he joined the choir in his church  and groomed himself as a musician.

Tonto Dikeh Gives Her Siblings A Cold Reception
No marriage for now, “I don’t think I am planning to get married now because am still young, I’m in my youth  and moreover, I am just 27 years old. Maybe later in my late thirties I can start planing to get married  or not. It’s because I still have a long way to go before thinking of settling down. I can’t say because of what I have, that I am okay to get  married,  no. I don’t think I am mentally ready for marriage.  I think before one could get married, one needs to attain certain level of understanding and awareness. I don’t think I have those qualities just yet.
Derrick Gordon- I Can’t Hide Again, I am Gay

He is in a serious relationship with his baby mama and there is a hope of them getting married when the time comes: “Yeah , but I wouldn’t want to talk about my girlfriend and about the mother of my baby. She is good and we are not talking about getting married because I’m not ready yet.”

Tonto Dikeh Gives Her Siblings A Cold Reception

Tonto Dikeh is close to her dad but she has not been outspoken about her siblings, earlier this year, she was attacked by one them when she claimed she had passed through hell to finish from the University, that was all and she never replied, maybe they had sorted themselves in their family home, today is the National Siblings day and Tonto has spoken out about her sibling in a different way, she is not recognizing them.

Tonto Dikeh Blasts AY For Allegedly  Making Fun At Her

Poko said “National siblings day,I am ma own family/Sibling.. For those of u wit worthy siblings/Family dnt 4get to show dem Love 2day n continually”

Tonto Dikeh’s New Boyfriend, Michael Awujola May Not Be As Rich As We Thought

Fans were surprised and she had to explain “”My mother gave birth to five; my dad got married to another woman. My step-mother has two children, but not for my father, so we are seven children, I have six siblings.From my mother, I am the third, but from my father, I’m the first…. My step mum is a very wonderful woman, the best step-mum in the whole world. She’s gorgeous.”

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets The Boy His Goal Roused From 3 Months Coma

You can never imagine what soccer can do for people, this round ball can be a life saving to some fans, our story today is inspiring, 14 year old David Pawlaczyk was knocked off of his bicycle by a car and  he had suffered several internal injuries in August and slipped into a coma, a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo had helped to bring him  out of  his  three-month coma.

Wife Killer  British Husband Brought Back To Africa To Face Allegation

How could this be possible? David was known to be a big fan of Real Madrid and when his parents were told that for David to wake, it was going to be a sound therapy, a sound he was very familiar with and his parents played him radio broadcasts of their matches among others.

Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith Returns For Karate Kid Sequel, Steve Wonder To Close Calling Festival
david Pawlaczyk-familyRonaldo had scored his third goal during last year’s World Cup play-off clash with Sweden in November and David was listening and when this goal was announced, he was roused from his coma. Simply, a miracle. David met Ronaldo after Real Madrid’s Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund.  Ronaldo had invited the family when he heard about this incident.
The  pair had shared a hug, offered autographs to fans and got a Real Madrid shirt.
His mother Isabella said: ‘When I told David that he would fly to Madrid and meet Ronaldo, he could not stop crying. He could not believe it was true.
‘David has asked us to take him to Madrid so many times. You [Ronaldo] have a big heart and we will never forget this.’

David Cameron Hit By 11 Month Old With His Easter Bunny Balloon

We heard that snobbish comment from the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron and we must have forgiven him but 11-month-old Luca was not so forgiving, he had visited an Asda store few days after stating that upmarket Waitrose customers were more “friendly”, he was being shown around in another Asda store in South London and Tara Leniston was his guide, along their tour, she asked him to hold her son Luca. But he  whacked the PM over the head with a bunny balloon.

Two Year Old Boy Shoots  Dead His 11 Year Old Sister

Labour’s Michael Dugher said: “Most families have to shop around to watch every penny.”. Mr Cameron joked how holding the baby made him “broody”. The Prime Minister’s visit yesterday morning came after he declared his loyalty to upmarket chain Waitrose.

Jessie J- I am Tired Of Being Gay, I Want A Husband

Last week Mr Cameron said Waitrose shoppers were more “thoughtful” and “engaged” than those at cheaper chains.
He even said he chose Waitrose wherever he could, and is also a customer of Ocado, the online retailer, which delivers Waitrose groceries to Downing Street for him.
He shops in Sainsbury’s when he is in his constituency home in Chipping Norton because “there isn’t a Waitrose”.

Two Year Old Boy Shoots Dead His 11 Year Old Sister

What in the world? While we are trying to curb violence in troubled spots around the world like Syria and Ukraine, a two-year-old boy  had shot and killed his 11-year-old sister, Jamara Stevens while they and their siblings played with a gun inside their Philadelphia home, the gun was brought into the house by their mum’s boyfriend, the bullet had travelled Jamara’s chest and hit her heart, she died 30 minutes later.

Jessie J- I am Tired Of Being Gay, I Want A Husband

Their mum, Tiffany Goldwire was inside the bathroom when this happened and she had rushed her daughter to the hospital where she died.

Jermain Defoe- My mum Was Really Strict On Me

The girl’s mother was at the hospital, Lieutenant John Walker said, when she was pronounced dead.
“She was distraught,” he said. It was believed that the guy must have left .357 calibre handgun with an eight inch barrel on top of the fridge

Jessie J- I am Tired Of Being Gay, I Want A Husband

Jessie J is tired of being bisexual, she is wants to stop talking about and get hooked with Mr.Right, it is time to carry her own bundle of joy and she had previously confessed to being attracted to both men and women, but says she now has no interest in finding a female partner, she has spoken candidly that she is not changing sexuality

Jermain Defoe- My mum Was Really Strict On Me

“For me, it was a phase,” she says. “But I’m not saying bisexuality is a phase for everybody.
“I feel that if I continue my career not speaking on it, I almost feel more of a liar than if I didn’t. I just want to be honest, and it’s really not a big deal. Who cares?”  Jessie is headlining the UK Live festival this summer, told one fan on Twitter: “I fancy/date/love men and only men.”

Funke Akindele- I am Not In Any Lover’s Home

She says of her past revelations: “I did talk about it, and I was open about it, and I do support being lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender – love who you want.That’s what I’m doing.I don’t regret anything I ever said, but I never knew back then that whatever I said became a fact that I couldn’t change. I’m just so bored of it, and that’s kind of it – I want to stop talking about it completely now and find myself a husband.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Moses Inwang & Emem Udonquak Wed in Uyo

On Saturday 5th April 2014, Nollywood producer/director Moses Inwang and model/actress Emem Udonquak wed the traditional way in a beautiful ceremony held at the Ibom Unity Park, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.
The bride and groom looked stunning in their two outfits.
It was a star studded affair as celebrities came to support the Damage director and former Calabar Carnival Queen.
Guests included Ini Edo, Kalu Ikeagwu, Monalisa Chinda, AY, Emem Isong, Julius Agwu, Empress Njamah, Mbong Amata and Ebube Nwagbo.

Tiwa Savage & Toke Makinwa Sign On as Maggi Ambassadors

A sweet new deal for Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa.
The Nigerian songstress and media personality have signed on to be the new faces of the Nestle Nigeria‘s stock cube brand Maggi.
Although the company is yet to make an official statement, sources confirm to BellaNaija that it is indeed true. We are told it is quite lucrative.
Both Tiwa and Toke who are friends are also associated with other brands. Tiwa’s long list of endorsements include Pepsi, MTN and most recently Forte Oil, while Toke was named one of the faces of Lipton Tea in 2013 and had a short gig with Chicken Republic.

New Music: Esoro - Papi & Mami + Veronica ft. Davido

Top Nigerian-South African afro-pop star Esoro (real name Akinson Segun Jacob) recruits Nigeria’s superstar Davido alongside producers Shizzi and Del B to craft two new infectious singles ahead of his anticipated album.

“Papi & Mami” and “Veronica” were both recorded and engineered in South Africa, where Esoro is based and has bagged several accolades and laurels due to the massive success of his previous single “Put It $ She Want” which was played on massively stations and charted across Southern Africa.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Saka- I Wanted To Be A Pilot While Growing Up

We know Hafiz Oyetoro as Saka, the comic actor who made the word ‘Port’ famous when he abandoned  his ambassadorship in Etisalat for MTN in 2013, last week, he lost his office to a fire outbreak and is bracing up to the challenges and inconveniences that his loss from that fire had caused him, while growing up he wanted to be a pilot but the academic environment where he found himself did not encourage him to go after the dream and opted for acting alongside being a lecturer.

Nigeria Idol Contestant Xolani Courts German Based Singer, Nneka With Love Song

He is not allowing  his achievements to go into his head: “ I still live my normal life and still do those things which I would have done if I hadn’t hit stardom. I always feel grateful to God, my fans, my supporters, and my parents, who have spent so much in bringing me up over the years and my colleagues (lecturers) too, who have always believed in me.”

Nigeria Idol Contestant Xolani Courts German Based Singer, Nneka With Love Song

It was supposed to be his time to impress to impress the judges at the ongoing Nigeria Idol reality competition, Xolani this daring competitor had something else in mind, standing on that stage, he started singing ‘Lady in Red-Chris de Burgh’ on blended knees and this song was directed to German based singer, Nneka who is also one of the judges for the show … It was one of those moments when a female judge just have to be hold her breath and forget what is happening around her, and enjoy such romantic moment.

Kehinde Akinbode- I Cried When I Left Infinity Music Group

Xolani have this killer voice that got the judges mesmerized, we are talking about  Dede Mabiaku and Darey Art-Alade  not forgetting the lucky lady, Nneka  who just have to give Xolani the pass mark. It was one of the most beautiful moments ever in the reality show especially when Xolani brought out a red rose and got our mouth popped open with admiration for this singer…Even Darey who was pissed last week with a contestant had to smile, we hope Xolani is going to go far and maybe win this competition but it is not going to end in this gesture, the competition is very competitive.

Kehinde Akinbode- I Cried When I Left Infinity Music Group

Kehinde Akinbode was once a member of the gospel music group, Infinity, the group that sang Olori Oko, it wasn’t easy leaving the group because he had to cry before leaving them, You probably have not heard much from Infinity because they haven’t been in Nigeria recently. They just finished a European tour. They’ve got lots of goodies for us as a result of their relentless effort to bridge the extremities between art and spirit, for Kehinde he believe leaving the group when he did to go solo was the right thing for him to do.

Tom Daley Admits He Is Gay

He explained: “We had been together for 11 years and achieved quite a lot of remarkably things together. We had grown from boys to men and the priorities of boys are not the same as men. I was also convinced that divine will pushed me out of what had become my comfort zone”
His relationship with the members of Infinity isn’t as close as it used to be, he  believes that’s because of proximity, priority, and enlargement. More like how Abraham and Lot, who were buddies couldn’t be so close because God had enlarged them individually. But he still look them up every now and then, and always celebrate their successes as if they were his.
Chad Ochocinco- I Just Can’t Be Discipline When Dealing With Woman

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Etcetera- Nigerian Male Celebrities Are Gigolos

He called them gigolos, this is how we will begin this story of  Paschal Uche Ejikeme, aka Etcetera, who has described some of his  male colleagues as gigolos in the entertainment industry,each time an entertainer boards a flight to Abuja, you begin to wonder if he’s going for a public event or a private one, Etecetera reveals, he said the Nigerian  male celebrities are unashamedly becoming sex toys and pleasure gadgets to female senators and Alhajas

Davido  Ready For His Nollywood Debut, Johnny Depp Returns To Music

Etcetera  moans “What’s happening to Nigeria men? It is so appalling to hear talks of how a former Senator has so many male celebrities on rotation for her weekly pleasures. Even the supposedly gospel musicians are at the fore front of this ridicule. Also, a man knows that his wife is sleeping with politicians and other societal big wigs for money and he closes his eyes to all the insults. What’s going on?”
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Wedding Happening This Summer

He concludes:  “It is so appalling how some Nigerian men in the entertainment industry are becoming enslaved to women because of money. How can a man be so emasculated? Where is our pride?” Etcetera queried. “There are a lot of Nigerian male celebrities all over town searching for older women with connections to the corridors of power to take as wives or sugar mummies, The guitar-loving singer disclosed.