Saturday, 26 April 2014

Cynthia Morgan: If A Fan Bullies Me, I Bully Back…

Cynthia Morgan got her heartbroken once upon a time, little wonder her song ‘Don’t break my heart’ is such a hit,  recently we have seen that raunchy and wild side of her, do we need to ask if she can go nude during any music video? Even if we don’t think along that line it is something that is very possible in the nearby future in the career of Cynthia, we may not expect her  to go like Miley Cyrus but she got that creativity to stand out soon as the next happening artiste, that is with the support of her boss, Jude Okoye.

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There have been lots of attention on her skin which was alleged to be as a result of Dencia Whitenicious but she denied ever using it, and for the man after her heart,  “he has to be rich. There just has to be a connection between the both of us .He has to be fond of me, we have to be    compatible. He  has to have a good sense of humour and must be presentable.” Cynthia said.

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We know she was once a tomboy, and she is not even scared of cyber bully, “If a fan bullies me, I bully back if I am in the mood. If you go through my Twitter page   and you tell me what I do is crap , I will be like:’ Is that why we are here?…If you bully me, I bully back. That’s how it is. There are some people who go online trying to just make  you feel bad about yourself and about your music but as an artiste, you just have to be very prepared .It happens all over the world even in America. I am a bully too. You bully me, if I am in the mood, I bully you back. That’s how it works.

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