Friday, 25 April 2014

Psquare Are Back After Reconciliation

We are almost crying with tears of joy, the Okoye’s brothers of Psquare are back and stronger, there is no need to worry again about a breakup, they have reconciled and put their differences aside, the rumours were fueled  by Jude Okoye  who tweeted he was ‘done’ after working for 10 years, suggesting that the twins might end their decade run of making music, and days after, the internet had a lot of theories about the brothers…One thing was a fact, the brothers have had a terrible time lately.

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Family is everything indeed, Jude has said while the twins tweeted  support for Psquare…Now that their problems are put behind, we should be talking about their love life, Peter and Paul are traditionally married and Jude just got engaged, meaning we have three grand weddings to look at.

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Fans around the world can now wait for another album, this time we should be expecting them to sing about love and unity, Lola , the wife of Peter can now heave with relief after the many accusations that she has gotten lately since she got married to Peter.
Anita is cool as cucumber all this while and doing her prayers for the family, God has answered her prayers and brought her best friends back as brothers.

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