Monday, 21 April 2014

Daring Student Asks Miss America Out For Date And Ended Up Suspended In School

He is 18 years old and very daring, Patrick Farves was warned alongside every student in Central High School to be on their best character during the visit of reigning Miss America Nina Davuluri visit to the school, the students were to show the lady that they were one of the best set of American students but that was never coming to happen…Patrick got a lot of tricks up his sleeves.
Armed dangerously with weapons of humiliation to his school, Patrick quickly brought out a plastic flower, clambered on the stage as Ms Davuluri’s spoke at an assembly and asked her if she would be his date for the school’s forthcoming prom.

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There was a lot of cheers and whoops from his classmates when he was waiting for his answer but the beauty queen politely declined his offer and instead got a three day suspension from the school.
‘They (administrators) did that because theytold me not to but I did it anyway,” Farves responded on Twitter to a question from a reporter. ‘They did what they had to.’

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It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision for Farves. He had joked with friends about doing it when he heard Miss America was coming to the school, according to the York Dispatch. And as the day got closer, he was asked increasingly if he was going to go through with it.
School administrators caught wind of Farves’ plan, and one staff member pulled him aside before the assembly and told him it would be inappropriate to ask Davuluri out.

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