Monday, 14 April 2014

Romario Calls Pele An Imbecile

Since 1994, there have been this malice that is brewing between  two legendary and iconic Brazilians, Romario and Pele, Romario had said that  ‘The King’ should remain silent as he does not know what he is talking about, what could have led to this trouble between this pair? Romario has called Pele an “imbecile” in the latest escalation of the war of words between the two Brazilian legends.

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In 2007,Romario branded Pele ‘a poet, and Pele alluded to the quote to hit back saying: ‘There are lots of people who don’t really know what they want and simply attack the past. But I’m a Catholic and I believe that God always forgiven the ignorant, so I forgive the ignorant.’

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Romario couldn’t resist a counter-strike but have spoken again: ‘Yesterday, Pele responded to my famous quote, “Quiet, Pele is a poet”. It is a commonly used phrase, after all, he’s always giving reason for it to be used.
‘The last foolish thing he said was that Corinthians should be used as the base to the Selecao. He asked for it, didn’t he?
‘A few pieces of information about this gentleman… First of all, the base of the team he suggested to the Selecao got the biggest boo of their history. And deservedly so, because they were awful. Secondly, he said he’s a big Catholic. I don’t think he’s such a Catholic. If he was, he would’ve recognised his daughter and gone to her funeral. Aside from a poet, he’s also an imbecile.’

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