Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mo’cheddah- I am Still The Queen Of Pop

Mo’cheddah insists she is still queen of pop,it doesn’t matter how long she had left the music industry, when she left, she had gone with her crown as a self proclaimed queen, these days every artiste is claiming to a king or queen, who then is the follower?  The Osun State born artiste may not be making an empty boast when she says she is the queen,at an early age she had  achieved so much, and have been fortunate enough to achieve things that people dream about.

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Mo’cheddah boasts:. “I started singing at 12, I am the youngest artiste in Africa to have received a MAMA Award and a Channel O Award , which I won at 18. Before 20, I had several awards and hundreds of performances under my belt, despite the fact that I was in school (university) then. A graduate of Theatre Art from University of Lagos, I’m a brand ambassador for Soulmate. At a point I decided to take a break after a very hectic work and I said to myself, “you need a break.” I took time off to relax, grow myself and focus on me. I am very proud of all the things I have accomplished.”
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Now that she is back, she said she is grown and what she likes  about herself now is that her fans have also grown with her. “I have been blessed with a special talent that separates me from everyone else. My mission now is to make my grown fans to experience me because they have been with me for many years. I know better and wiser now, this is a newer me. I am a real woman and you’ll feel that in my songs. I thank God for my life, and I think it is a blessing for me.

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