Thursday, 24 April 2014

Meet Eva Carneiro- Chelsea First Team Doctor

Eva Carneiro is Chelsea first-team doctor, studied medicine at Nottingham University before working in emergency surgery in the Highlands. She studied in Australia, did an MSc in London and a thesis at West Ham, lots of degree to give an edge to work at the British Olympic Medical Institute, helping athletes at the Beijing Olympics, and with the England Women’s football team. She joined the Blues in 2009 as reserve-team doctor  before coming fully as the first team doctor in 2011.

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She fell in love with football while travelling in Mexico, having watched a match between Mexico and Brazil during the 1998 France World Cup and  shewas hooked, she could have been a good sports lady but got a lot of injuries.
‘It made me think there had to be more than rest to treatment of injuries and this sparked my evolving fascination with sports medicine,’ she said in 2009.

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She is a huge fan of Real Madrid…She also likes to surf, something she learnt in Australia.
‘Those moments on the surf in the early mornings and evenings I can honestly count among the happiest in my life,’ she said.

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