Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Suheil Ahmed, A Surgeon Who Transformed Hospital Ward To A Porn Studio

Suheil Ahmed, a trainee surgeon took over 100 photographs of women while carrying out intimate examinations of women at Torbay Hospital in Devon, he would sectioned off their beds from the rest of the ward, before touching his victims as he removed their clothing to allow himself a better view, he would tell his victims who were mostly in their 20s that he was making use of a mobile phone to time  their heart rate or breathing.

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His license has been taken from him after it was discovered that a hospital ward was transformed into a  secret porn studio. He also installed a secret camera in a house owned by his family to film students using the toilet, two women who had complained had forced the police to investigate the matter and they found 110 images of patients uploaded to his home personal computer along with footage from a secret camera installed in a property belonging to his family.
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He initially denied any wrongdoing, claiming he had taken the pictures for his medical portfolio, but finally, admitted 11 counts of voyeurism and two counts of sexual assault by touching when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.
He was jailed for 18 months last October later increased to 30 months after the Court of Appeal found the sentence was ‘unduly lenient’.

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