Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets The Boy His Goal Roused From 3 Months Coma

You can never imagine what soccer can do for people, this round ball can be a life saving to some fans, our story today is inspiring, 14 year old David Pawlaczyk was knocked off of his bicycle by a car and  he had suffered several internal injuries in August and slipped into a coma, a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo had helped to bring him  out of  his  three-month coma.

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How could this be possible? David was known to be a big fan of Real Madrid and when his parents were told that for David to wake, it was going to be a sound therapy, a sound he was very familiar with and his parents played him radio broadcasts of their matches among others.

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david Pawlaczyk-familyRonaldo had scored his third goal during last year’s World Cup play-off clash with Sweden in November and David was listening and when this goal was announced, he was roused from his coma. Simply, a miracle. David met Ronaldo after Real Madrid’s Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund.  Ronaldo had invited the family when he heard about this incident.
The  pair had shared a hug, offered autographs to fans and got a Real Madrid shirt.
His mother Isabella said: ‘When I told David that he would fly to Madrid and meet Ronaldo, he could not stop crying. He could not believe it was true.
‘David has asked us to take him to Madrid so many times. You [Ronaldo] have a big heart and we will never forget this.’

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