Friday, 4 April 2014

Nigeria Idol Contestant Xolani Courts German Based Singer, Nneka With Love Song

It was supposed to be his time to impress to impress the judges at the ongoing Nigeria Idol reality competition, Xolani this daring competitor had something else in mind, standing on that stage, he started singing ‘Lady in Red-Chris de Burgh’ on blended knees and this song was directed to German based singer, Nneka who is also one of the judges for the show … It was one of those moments when a female judge just have to be hold her breath and forget what is happening around her, and enjoy such romantic moment.

Kehinde Akinbode- I Cried When I Left Infinity Music Group

Xolani have this killer voice that got the judges mesmerized, we are talking about  Dede Mabiaku and Darey Art-Alade  not forgetting the lucky lady, Nneka  who just have to give Xolani the pass mark. It was one of the most beautiful moments ever in the reality show especially when Xolani brought out a red rose and got our mouth popped open with admiration for this singer…Even Darey who was pissed last week with a contestant had to smile, we hope Xolani is going to go far and maybe win this competition but it is not going to end in this gesture, the competition is very competitive.

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