Friday, 25 April 2014

Terry G Makes News Again: Caught Beating A Hotel Manager

Since the birth of Terry G’s son, Amaniyi Rex, he has become a changed man who has shunned all vices of trouble and violence, this is the reason why we are shocked to hear that the artiste got involved in a brawl in a hotel lately, Terry G and his boys had visited this hotel for relaxation, one of his boys had entered into the swimming pool without paying and when the hangout’s attendants asked for money, the boy ignored the demand.

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This has resulted in dragging the boy out of the pool and this really angered the other boys with Terry G and they reacted resulting in a free for all fight and Terry G suddenly lost his cool, he started insulting the hotel manager, and he got really mad.

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According to a close source“When Terry G and his crew arrived the hotel around 6p.m., one of his boys just jumped into the pool without paying. The security guard called him to come out but he refused. Even the owner of the hotel, Mr. George Obot, shouted at him but he refused. Terry G further messed up the whole issue when he started abusing Mr. Obot, telling the man what did he think he has and all sort of things..His boys started beating the  security guards, while Terry G himself slapped the hotel manager who was trying to calm him down.”
At the end of the fight, everywhere was in a mess.

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