Thursday, 31 January 2013


For those who are still talking about the infamous lip synching of the US National Anthem by Beyonce...The diva is not willing to make an open confession. If she did not lip synched, the Obama's second term inauguration would not have made such a great buzz.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I love Beyonce for being a strong woman in the face of adversity. To err is Beyonce, to give her is our job.  The National Anthem has been performed by the singer and  millions of American's joined her. It was not a matter of a live rendition or a studio version when Beyonce was on stage because everyone sang along with her. 

To prove that she is a great singer, she is about doing a great performance at the Super Bowl half time on Feb 3rd. Guys on NFL!!! Don't try and bring up another silly scandal on my dear Beyonce.  You can imagine how Beyonce looked when she was caught off guard  with her mum, Tina on their way for rehearsal...She was without makeup. This is to let you know that she is not going to have scandal on stage.

And this time, Beyonce wants to knock everyone dead with an amazing performance. A source that is close to her says  “She can’t wait to get on the Super Bowl stage and show everyone.”
 Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams would join Beyonce half way on stage as Destiny Child reunites...This is what makes Beyonce thick.

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