Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Does it mean that I do not like Janet Jackson for getting herself a wealthy boyfriend? Well...She is still single like me. However, she would be so much wealth that I would envy her if she finally gets married to fiancé Wissam-Al Mana and ... Divorce him within five years. Is this not business? Ohmigod, when marriage mix with business, life becomes sweeter.

For now the lawyers for Wissam-Al Mana and Janet are still at loggerheads. If I may ask, when have lawmakers become clergies? Hmm.

 Wissam-Al Mana is willing to leave her with a half a million dollars if she can stay up to five years. How long will this marriage last?  Tell me. I say...Forever!!!.  The reason is simple. She has given up all for Wissam-Al Mana including religion.  With two failed marriages, she is not going to let go of this. What Janet has decided to do, let no lawmaker put... I did not say anything. Mouth closed.

Aww! I have to be in attendance of this wedding if it holds...$10,000 worth of Rolex watch as a thank you gift for attending is what I need now. Well,  Wissam is one of the greatest investors in the Middle East. No wonder he can easily dole out $10,000 worth of Rolex watch for anyone who would attend the marriage (Still Pending)

I must say that Janet is doing great even with her marriage saga. On the 6th of Feb, 2013, she would be awarded at amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) gala for her contributions to the fight against AIDS. Babe... You are really great.

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