Monday, 10 March 2014

My Illiterate Husband From Makoko

I knelt on the boat when Toni started shaking it and  I started begging, I promised him money  I don’t have and he didn’t listen to me as I found myself almost getting drown in our dirty water that is filled with ‘only God knows what’ and then, I didn’t know when I said it. I told him I would be his girlfriend… He stopped and smiled like a demon. He can believe whatever he wants to believe I said in my mind as he rowed me to our stick house.

My Illiterate Husband From Makoko

Immediately, I jumped on top of the stick walk way that would take me to our one room, I started cursing and insulting him. There was no type of name I didn’t call him but he only smiled the more and threw a quick kiss at me. The next morning, I just had to leave the house and he was the only boat man around… Imagine what my condition was going to be. I swallowed my pride and joined him but he pretended as if he doesn’t even remember me. He dropped me where I would get a bus to the mainland and  disappeared. I came back in the night and he was patiently waiting for me, he had helped me with the things I brought with me and dropped me in my house without a word but would not collect money from me.
My illiterate husband from makoko

One morning, I woke to see him standing in front of our room, thank goodness that papa was asleep, he told me he had given me enough time to fulfill my promise as his first girlfriend and he would not leave without me accepting to his real girlfriend, he was almost causing a scene that I have to accept that early morning.
Did I regret this? I was in for a bigger shock…

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